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jonnyw 12-07-2008 02:50 PM

Miso help please
Hi all :)

Glad to find these forums! I'm a keen cook who's more enthusiastic than successful and hope one of you might be able to help me.

I was served miso-glazed black cod at Jin Kichi in London and understand that it is pretty much the same as Nobu down the road are charging 40 a pop for. Thinking it can't be that difficult to make I dug out the recipe. It won't let me post links but if you type "Nobu Black Cod with Miso Recipe" including quotes into Google, it's the second link, the rasamalaysia one

A bit of wasabi mashed potato, I thought, and there's a lovely meal right there. So I marinaded the cod for 2 days in white miso paste, mirin and sake with a bit of sugar, brushed any excess marinade off with a finger and slapped them 4 inches under a red hot grill to try to glaze them before popping them in the oven for 10 mins or so.

Instead of the varnished orange glaze, my cod got kind of really hot and grey before starting to burn a bit and not in the nice burned glaze way. Anyway I popped them into the oven anyway for 5-10 m,ins and they were absiloutely delicious, just not glazed, it just looked like normal cod just a little peach coloured.

So you can guess the question. Did I not put enough sugar / miso paste / mirin into the marinade to get the glaze? Logic would say not enough sugar but it was as the recipe indicates plus a nother good spoonful for good measure. I don't know enough about japanese cooking to know the perfect ratios for these ingredients. Was it the wrong cut of cod? I was using long fillets. As regards quantuty of marinade, the fish was pretty much covered and in an airtight box.

Any help appreciated and apols for the rambling nature of the post, I've been enjoying the rest of the sake :-)


BreezyCooking 12-07-2008 04:13 PM

Well - I'm no expert, but I do enjoy Asian cooking. So take my comments with a grain of amateur salt.

One thing I'll say is that the "glazing" should happen right before serving. Not before & THEN "popped into the oven for 10 minutes". I'd cook the fish & THEN "glaze" it at a higher temp. I believe that "glazing/broiling/whatever" & then baking would just allow whatever "glaze" formed to just melt off.

I don't think it had anything to do with the cut of fish - the problem is with the method. Save some marinade aside & "glaze" the fish under the broiler for a few minutes after the fish is NEARLY cooked through via baking.

Worth a try. :)

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