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Nimrod 12-16-2009 12:20 AM

What is your favorite "can't live without" tool?
I am looking for a Christmas gift (or two) for my wife. Is there something you use in your kitchen that you think every cook should have? (tool, certain knife, spatula, grater, appliance, etc)

I figure what you all love, my wife may love.


PrincessFiona60 12-16-2009 12:25 AM

My Henckles 8" santoku knife and a bamboo cutting board. If she uses lots of fresh herbs, an Alaska knife with cutting bowl.

Randy_ 12-16-2009 12:43 AM

If you are smart it will be a pair of diamond earrings!! :wink:

Randy_ 12-16-2009 12:45 AM

And on a less serious note.......does she have a kitchen scale??:chef:

I also get a lot of use out of my double ended magnetic SS measuring spoons.

Progressive Magnetic Measuring Spoons - Set of 5 by Progressive at Cooking.com

PrincessFiona60 12-16-2009 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by Randy_ (Post 866391)
If you are smart it will be a pair of diamond earrings!! :wink:

It's hard to cut into a good ribsteak with a diamond earring:rofl:

Randy_ 12-16-2009 01:32 AM

Then again. if the cook is unhappy and burns that ribeye to a crisp, who cares how good the knife is??:wink:

Janet H 12-16-2009 02:38 AM

OK - here are my very favorite and most heavily used items in my kitchen - i love epicurean cutting boards in an almost unnatural way - they are fabulous:

This silicon spatula (comes in several colors). You might find it at a fred meyers or target but don't accept a substitute: Chef'n Switchit Dual Ended Long Spatula - Avocado - Yahoo! Shopping

This cutting board, in this size (you can find this in black as well - which looks great). Thin, lightweight, bullet proof, washable, heat proof. Mine survived an entire summer of cutting porcelain tiles during a remodel and still looks great - seriously. Amazon.com: Epicurean Cutting Board - Natural (22x10.25"): Home & Garden

merstar 12-16-2009 03:07 AM

A high quality electric mixer, such as KitchenAid or Viking, a good chef's knife, such as Henckels or Wusthof, a microplane grater, a good food processor, such as Cuisinart, and an ice cream maker!

Cooking Goddess 12-16-2009 03:40 AM

Cheap and simple, I love my measuring glasses. I have three different sizes: shotglass, four oz., and just shy of two cups (I think it's really 12 oz. but I'm too lazy to go downstairs and look). Now don't get the idea that I'm cheap...those earrings sound like a winner to me!:smile: And as suggested by "merstar", a microplane is great too. Among other things,I use mine for Parm. & Romano cheeses...nice, fluffy, quick to melt on your spaghetti. Yum! Lastly, if you have fish regularly, consider a fish spatula. It's got lots of slots so the liquid stays behind when you lift the fish onto your plate. Silly little thing, but I love having it when I fix fish (in our house it's at least once a week).

FWIW, I like opening presents. I would rather have six inexpensive gifts than one big, expensive one. Or maybe it's just that I like to see my hubby have more to wrap....:angel:

tinlizzie 12-16-2009 07:45 AM

We're talking basic here, all somewhat less than romantic: a good quality veggie peeler - my current favorite is an Oxo, which fits my hand well and makes peeling less of a chore; a mandolin for slicing veggies into those nice, thin slices (my daughter calls mine the 'Watchee Fingee' and cautions me to use the plastic guard that comes with it). I hope Santa brings me a silicon baking sheet, which I would really like to have right now for Christmas cookies. A large and a small good quality whisk.

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