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n2cookin 12-18-2009 07:47 PM

Divinity Frustrations
I attempted divinity several years ago unsuccessfully because at the time I lived in a very humid climate. So now living in a drier climate I thought I would try again. The sugar and syrup mixture overcooked because my candy thermometer was not accurate. Of course I did not realize until after I ended up with this stiff goo that I had to chisel out of the metal mixing bowl. Not to be defeated I went up to the store bought a new candy thermometer. I made another batch with both thermometers in the pan. Turned out my old thermometer was off by 50 degrees. So I had over cooked the other batch by 50 degrees. The new thermometer made a difference and I had my first successful batch of divinity. :smile: I guess third time is a charm. Whew!

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