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Phaedra 08-06-2010 08:03 AM

To be honest I've been very wary about saying where I live as I was hounded of a Forum [nothing to do with Food, it was a Forum for people with disabilities] when I said where I live.

I do post on a couple of UK Foodie boards, on one I haven't said and on the other, where I have said, I've had mostly very good reactions but some really unpleasant ones.

Being so new here I am slowly but surely going through all the different sections of this absolutely delightful Forum, reading and taking in as much as I can when I'm able to, hence not yet posting very much.

This is so vast a Forum compared with any others I've come across, and I am so happy that I found it. So please excuse me if I don't post much at the moment - I'm still finding my way around.

In addition, because I keep strict Kashrut, there are obviously products/posts/recipes that I cannot relate to - well I can relate to them but have no idea about what various things taste like.

I just hope people here will accept me as just Phaedra, and not "oh, that person who lives in such and such a place".

I very much like what I have seen of this Forum so far, even though I am still plowing my way through each section and sub-section, so I sincerely hope that nobody will feel bad about me because of who and what I am, and where I live.


GB 08-06-2010 08:06 AM

We have people from all over the world and of all different. We have other people who keep kosher and have other dietary restrictions as well. We welcome everyone and love getting views from them. I can assure you that you will be viewed as Phaedra as long as that is who you make yourself out to be.

Phaedra 08-06-2010 08:29 AM

On this Forum I am Phaedra. It isn't my real name but it is my name here. I am an Orthodox Jew, 68 years young, emigrated from England in 1985 and as from 27 August this year I will have lived here, in Israel, for 25 years.

[The flag outside my little bungalow probably gave the game away as to where I live].

I have always enjoyed cooking and everything food related, and even though I am now limited by being a permanent chair user with a rather useless body, I still manage to shop, prepare and cook food for myself.

The day I have to hand over such things to someone else is a day that I hope will never happen.

I sincerely hope to become a good member of this Forum, as I like it! But please accept that it will no doubt take me quite a while to go through everything and learn what is what and where.

Oh, and please forgive me if my language is a bit stilted at times, as I tend to forget English expressions at times. And of course my English is English English and not American English.


GB 08-06-2010 08:41 AM

Where in Israel do you live? I was fortunate enough to take a business trip there last year. My company is headquartered in Israel (in Rehovot). I stayed in Tel Aviv right on the beach. It was an amazing experience. My wife and I are considering having our daughters Bat Mitzvah in Israel (in 8 years) if our daughter decides she wants to do that.

PrincessFiona60 08-06-2010 08:54 AM

Thank you Phaedra! I was overseas a very long time ago when my Dad was in the Air Force, I made it all the way to Guam, that is the sum total of my travels. Well, besides winding my way through all the states except Alaska.

I'm a Registered nurse, specializing in Geriatric Rehab and End-of-Life (Hospice) Care. However, I've been a cook a lot longer than I've been a nurse and cooking is my first love. I live in Montana with my retired husband and two spoiled cats.

It's nice to meet you!

Phaedra 08-06-2010 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by GB (Post 912749)
Where in Israel do you live?

On an agricultural Moshav in the Northern Negev, 15 minutes by car from the Mediterranean coast. Only I don't have a car so I don't go there any more.

Well within boom boom range from the Strip, but I do not live in a "settlement". My Moshav is well within the Green Line, and was founded by the folks who were thrown out of Djerba, Tunisia, after WWII.

Originally a "tent city" until little two-room tin-roofed concrete homes were built - on an area that had been totally desolate for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I do not "do" politics therefore I won't discuss them, especially as this is a Food Forum.

So now you know where I live. And either I will be accepted for who and what I am and where I live, or I won't. I make no apologies for my beliefs and my choice of home.

I just know that in spite of everything I am happy.

And isn't that the most important thing in life? To be happy and satisfied with what you have?

I have to go offline in just over a couple of hours' time, so wish you Shabbat Shalom and hope to "speak" with you again.


GB 08-06-2010 09:05 AM

Shabbat Shalom to you as well.

Andy M. 08-06-2010 09:09 AM

I'm looking forward to your sharing your experiences and recipes.

Alix 08-06-2010 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 (Post 912732)
Are you having any fires in Alberta or is B.C. the only culprit? The air quality here stinks, but the fires are making some beautiful sunsets.

Next summer we are cruising to and through Canada for vacation, we should have before, it's only a couple of hours from here, heading north, then west to the coast, south through Washinton and Oregon and back home...a big circle!

I'm in BC at the moment! No fires that I know of in Alberta but I'm sure there are a few here and there. Nothing on the scale of BC though. Come up to Edmonton to shop and we'll hook up for a meal somewhere if you like.

Kayelle 08-06-2010 03:27 PM

How very interesting Phaedra...it's a pleasure to meet you. From your pictures I thought they could easily be in the southwest of the USA. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm positive that where you live will carry no negative impact here.
Here's my favorite postcard from my hometown....


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