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kadesma 11-03-2010 07:30 PM

Thanksgiving Menu
I know it's early, but I'm curious what's on your menu for the big day?
I'm having the meal here for the first time in almost 5 years. We will be having prime rib,and stuffing that I learned from a former member here. I use 4 loaves of bread cut into cubes,2 white and 2 wheat lots of butter and stock, poultry seasoning,sauted onion,celery and mushrooms. mashed garlic potatoes, gravey homemade pasta and gravy artichokes with garlic,parsley and evoo, the same for garbanzo's mashed sweet potatoes with butter, home made rolls,pumpkin pie,chocolate pie and for starters smoked shite fish either salad of dip on toasted bagels and an anti-pasto platter with peppers,olives,onions,rolled salami,prosciutto,mortadella and several cheeses
What are you planning?

DaveSoMD 11-03-2010 07:45 PM

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin soup, veggies ( not sure what yet), crescent rolls, apple and pumpkin pie.

CookLikeJulia 11-03-2010 08:05 PM

For me, I will try those recipe I got here in DC. Thanks for the post! :)

bethzaring 11-03-2010 08:29 PM

it's looking like the bird will be a chicken, with some sort of sweet potatoes:lol:....and I have too many pecans in the freezer so will probably do a pecan pie:wink:....that's it so far..

msmofet 11-03-2010 08:48 PM

  1. Turkey
  2. Stuffing/dressing
  3. Mashed taters
  4. Mashed sweet potato/acorn squash
  5. Veggies TBDL
  6. Gravy
  7. Cranberry, Tangerine & pecan relish (uncooked)
  8. Pumpkin and /or apple Pie
  9. Stuffed mushrooms or stuffed artichokes
Thats a rough draft it may change later.

babetoo 11-03-2010 09:24 PM

will have whatever my host serves, don't know who is having it this year. i quit cooking the meal a couple of years ago. it just was wearing me out to much to enjoy myself. will contribute whatever they ask for and will do some baking.

Zhizara 11-04-2010 05:22 AM

The apartments where I live is hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for the residents on Tuesday so I don't plan anything special for Thursday.

I am hoping that sometime after Christmas I'll be able to buy a small, cheap turkey (and roasting pan) and cook it up along with a pan of simple dressing, just to stock the freezer with some turkey & stuffing. I'm thinking my DN (dear neighbor) Margie would like to split one with me.

buckytom 11-05-2010 07:26 AM

my eldest sis called me to coordinate thanksgiving dinner sat my parents' house this year. we don't want them to cook, so she'll probably go down to their house the night before and make the turkey.

i hope all of my other siblings realize that my/our parents don't have many of these left and decide to show up.

in either case, we'll probably make the dressing/stuffing, some sweet potato or baked squash dish, a potato dish, and dw's apple pie:( http://www.discusscooking.com/forums...pie-52798.html )

she also wants to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. it'll mean a lot to her as it will be made from pumpkins from our recently deceased neighbor's pumpkin patch. our neighbor was almost dw's second mom when she was growing up. their son offered to let us pick a few of the last crop of her sugar pumpkins.

Alix 11-05-2010 10:19 AM

Buckytom, I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor! Do you have one of those bag sealing things? Lucy can stew down the pumpkin and freeze a bunch so that you can remember your neighbor for a couple of years at feasts. (I know you're not supposed to leave stuff that long, but pumpkin in a sealed thing seems to last forever.)

The apple pie sounds amazing. So far, the menus sounds fantastic. yum!

PrincessFiona60 11-06-2010 12:17 AM

Finely minced turkey
Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie

Anything else soft and squishy I can think of that would go well with Thanksgiving Dinner.:neutral:

But you can bet I TRY to eat some olives and pickles.

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