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legend_018 01-27-2011 12:23 PM

Trying to figure out a movie name?
Trying to figure out a movie name......This is all I know...

It starts off with some boys setting fire on a tree fort not realizing a little boy was in it? I think it was one of the boys brother that was in the tree fort.

roadfix 01-27-2011 12:44 PM

I vaguely remember a scene like that. Was there a child molester involved in this film?

jabbur 01-27-2011 12:52 PM

Could it be this one?
Twelve and Holding (2005) - IMDb

pacanis 01-27-2011 12:53 PM

I was thinking it was a troubled brother movie. Like maybe the kid had issues because of what happened long ago. I know I've seen it... maybe...
There was also a movie where a younger brother fell out of a tree and died, too. I remember the dream scene always ending before the death and finally at the end they showed you the whole scene and all was forgiven.
Come to think about it, there's probably half a dozen movies like that, lol.

legend_018 01-27-2011 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by jabbur (Post 963781)
Could it be this one?
Twelve and Holding (2005) - IMDb

Awesome - I THINK this one is it. Looks really familiar. The thing is, I only saw the beginning or maybe it was a commercial or something. I wanted to rent it or watch it some day and forgot all about it. Now years later, I'm trying to figure out the name. I'm pretty sure this is it though. Even the name sounds familiar.

ha ha ya i know what you guys mean when you say there is probably a lot of movies with a scene like that. lol

jabbur 01-28-2011 09:22 AM

Glad I could help. I typed into google "movie boy dies in treehouse fire" and this was the first thing that came up. DH found a movie he had seen on TV back in high school by googling the basic plot.

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