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luckytrim 05-09-2012 03:58 PM

trivia 5/9
trivia 5/9
Plastic bags are easier to recycle and require less energy to produce than paper bags. The big problem arises when we don’t recycle the plastic, but instead send it to landfills, or worse, just toss it into the environment .

1. Who was the very first major league baseball player to have his jersey number retired?
2. How much prison time did Oliver North have to serve after his conviction on Iran-
Contra charges?
3. Which breed of dog has the best eyesight?
a. Bloodhound
b. Basset Hound
c. Greyhound
d. Whippet
4. According to the National Safety Council, how many people, on average, are shot to
death with handguns daily in the USA?
5. What was the price of a Ford automobile in 1926?
6. Can you name the 1984 film in which both Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin played their
last movie roles?
(hint; Sinatra played himself in a cameo .... The film was a “II” )
7. The elephant is the heaviest land mammal... what land mammal comes in second ?
8. Who was the youngest person to attain the rank of General in the United States Army?
The deepest subterranean vertical drop discovered to date is over 1,500 feet.
1. Lou Gehrig
3. c
4. sixty-nine
5. $265
6."cannonball run II"
A cave in Croatia's Polanski Hip National Park Reserve, steadily descends in a weaving
pattern for 203 feet before suddenly dropping straight down 1,693 feet. The drop, at it's
widest point is only 100 feet across. At the bottom of the drop are small ponds and a
stream-and one of the largest known colonies of subterranean leeches.

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