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CWS4322 08-16-2012 11:11 PM

Tomato paste, tomato purée
I have a whole lot of of Roma tomatoes to process. I have a Rigamonti tomato press (Equipment: Tomato Press - FineCooking.com). My plan is to roast the tomatoes with some garlic, pass the tomatoes through the tomato press, and then put a batch in the crock pot to make tomato paste (with some of the roasted garlic) and make tomato purée out of a bunch (I'll roast those first as well). I will freeze a bunch (that I won't roast first) and dehydrate a bunch (has anyone dehydrated tomatoes after roasting them? Might give that a try). I want paste and purée that I can use for a variety of recipes, so I probably won't add any other spices/herbs.

Here's my question--should I add lemon juice or citric acid to the purée if I'm freezing it instead of canning it? I'll put the tomato paste in ice cube trays in 1T measurements so I can grab a cube or two as needed. I used to do tomato paste in the oven in my roaster pan--I'm going with the crock pot as it is a more efficient use of energy than using the oven.

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