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Chef Munky 12-02-2012 11:21 PM

Welbilt Bread Machine?
Does anyone here have this one? WelBilt The Bread Machine Model-100-2
Made in 1999. No, it probably didn't party either.. The inside paddle is marked 1.5. Is that slightly larger loaf than a 1Lb loaf, not a full 2 Lb? Can it get that far?
It looks like R-2D-2 with no arms.. Darth Vader took them!

Anyways my kids bought one @Good will. It didn't come with a users manual.
I've been able to find not the exact models manual, but it's pretty close. Watched a Utube video. What they had was a DAK. It looks exactly like the one I have.

Yesterday I was playing around with it. They say you can even make some pretty good pasta dough with it... Haven't tried that yet.

What I wanted to make was something like .. dare I say it? "Monkey Bread". After I put it on Sweet Bread setting, the manual light came on as well. It went through the kneading cycle, rises. I took the dough out formed the little balls. Dunked them into the sauce mixture. It never after that went into baking mode. Ended up putting it in a loaf pan and oven baked it.

Did it not bake because I opened up the lid?
How am I supposed to make Jalepeno, cheese bread. If I open it up at the last kneading cycle. That's my ultimate goal..

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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