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CharlieD 03-19-2013 11:58 AM

Bathroom policy? Serious.
My kids are in a private school, last year we got new Principal, the guy has no experience, zero. Though everybody says, including my kids, that he is an excellent teacher, I think that is why they promoted him from within.
The issue at hand is bathroom policy; every other day one of my kids comes and complains that the teacher would not allow them to go to the bathroom during the class.
The two younger ones I can deal with, the older one, she is 12, is having really hard time with her teacher. Teacher was hired in the middle of the year after the previous one quit. This one is a story in itself, I cannot stand her. Neither does my kid. Even though I try to tell my daughter to listen and do what teacher says she is having hard time, she thinks the teacher is out to get her. I guess the policy in the school is that class should start and after 15 minutes if everybody settled down the girls can raise the hand and ask to be excused. To me it is stupid, if somebody needs to go, somebody needs to go, no matter if it is one minute into the class. A side note, the class starts at 1:15, they do not have bathroom break before, not enough stoles in the bathroom to accommodate the whole school.
My wife told my daughter she simply should get up and go in case like this. I am kind of not sure about that. Yesterday my daughter asked to go to the bathroom and she was told that she cannot, she made the face of course, but set in her seat. Teacher then makes a comment: “stop the theatrics”. Ok, if she said wait 5-10 minutes, let’s settled down, let’s start working, you know something like this, I would be ok with it, but outright be so rude, that is disgusting in my opinion. I went to talk to the principal today, he of course takes teachers side, moron. I got so mad I told him that next time it happens I will call board of education and claim child abuse. He says “go ahead”. And that I listen to only my child story. Ok, fine I want the meeting with the teacher then. Well, meeting is today at 4:15 after school.

Please give me your suggestions, criticism, options, tell me what I should be saying, and tell me if I am wrong or right. I need to hear everything please.

Zhizara 03-19-2013 12:05 PM

A girl her age may have an emergency bathroom need not related to the usual that could become extremely embarrassing. I'd ask that the teacher ask her if it can wait for a short time, but to let her go if she needs to.

CharlieD 03-19-2013 12:12 PM

Well, that is exactly my point.But I think it is more of the principal than even teacher. I doubt he understands the problem/issue at all.

jabbur 03-19-2013 12:32 PM

If there are not enough facilities for the students to all get a turn to use the bathroom during lunchtime, then the teachers and administration should make a schedule so some classes have a 15 min break before lunch and others have the same 15 min break after lunch and some have lunch time. Everyone needs to "go" at some point during the day! I know that in the public schools here no one is told they cannot go. The teacher may tell them to wait until a certain point but they are allowed to go. I'd also be asking if there is a problem with kids just hanging out in the bathroom to get out of class. If that is the case, maybe they need monitors to be sure folks are getting in and out of the restroom in reasonable times. There are many solutions that can be attained if all are willing to work together. Let them know your concern is for your child's well being and that you chose this school for a reason. Also point out to your child that she will encounter many difficult folks in her life and she needs to find a way to deal with them without making things worse for herself. Hope you can get things straight.

2old2change 03-19-2013 12:37 PM

I'm sorry for your trouble, Charlie. It's an embarrassing issue at any age, but for a teen, developing years - OMG!
Embarrassing, but very true story. In my very young years I had very severe nephritis (kidney disease) which caused painful urinary tract infections, which, if you've ever had one, know you can't hold your pee.
You feel as if you want to pee buckets, but only one or two drops come out and YOU CAN'T HOLD IT IN!
When I started school, the school and the teachers knew I had this problem and it was not a problem as there was a bathroom was right inside the kindergarten classroom. I went when I had to with no big disruptions.
1st grade, in an attempt to keep structure and control the teacher had such a rule as you're explaining, and the kids had to ask permission to leave the room. I had an infection, again, couldn't wait, raised my hand, she wouldn't acknowledge me, the when she did, turned me down, and so on and so forth. It was exaserbated by not going and not allowing me to drink as much fluids to flush my kidneys as I was supposed to and of course the problem intensified. I was in extreme pain coming home from school and finally told my mother. Now, ya gotta understand my folks, especially mom. You never questioned or back-talked your elders. NEVER.
But coming home crying in 1st grade, mom knew there was something wrong. When she finally got it out of me, I shyly told her what happened.
She sat me down and told me I will go when I need to, even if it meant standing there and peeing at my desk. Guess what? The very next day, crying at my desk, I peed in the chair. I was humiliated, (but oh, so relieved.) and escorted to the nurse's office, where mom was called and came to school with clean clothes. I returned to class, mom went to the principal's office, where the teacher was also summoned, and everyone heard my mother tell them, in no uncertain terms, they did NOT want to be liable for my medical issue, that I will go when I need to and drink the quantity of fluids the doctor instructed. AND....they owed ME an apology. I got the apology. Period.
End of problem.
But to my dying day I will always remember that humiliation.
Take care of the issue immediately. Good luck, and let us know how you made out.

Aunt Bea 03-19-2013 12:44 PM

I thought we had come further than this!

When I was a kid you had to sit squirming with one or two fingers in the air until the teacher finally gave you the look and the nod! :ermm::lol::ohmy:

It seems to me that by the time you are 12, seventh grade, you should be able to excuse yourself and leave the room without disrupting the class or seeking permission. If it becomes a habit or routine event then I believe the teacher, student and principal should discuss it privately to determine if a problem exists or if the privilege is being abused for some reason.

CharlieD 03-19-2013 12:49 PM

I am wondering if we have profeccioanl teachers here? Just would like to hear the opinion from the other side of the isle.
Thank you for support everybody.
How do I find out if the school disrict has a policy about something like this?

CharlieD 03-19-2013 01:53 PM

Moderators can we please keep this at the top for today? Thank you. just need to hear more opinions.

GotGarlic 03-19-2013 02:00 PM

Hi, Charlie. The school should have a student handbook containing its policies on these things. As a private school, it would not be subject to public-school-district policies.

Different schools will have different policies, though, depending on the school population, the kinds of trouble, if any, they have, etc. I would ask the reason for the policy and explain the problem with access to the bathroom during breaks. They really need to address that.

2old2change 03-19-2013 02:01 PM

Charlie, try using this http://cdn.discusscooking.com/forums...ons/report.gif button in your post #8, which I think gets to the mods quickest.
Oh, and thanks. Keep us posted.

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