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Scatterprime 09-27-2014 05:26 PM

Deviled Eggs, with or without relish?
From my great grandmother on down, everyone in my family has made deviled eggs with pickle relish, usually half and half dill and sweet relish. Recently I have ran into other people who have always had it without. I've tried it, but wasn't real impressed, finding them dry and lacking in flavor (but maybe I just haven't tried the right recipe). So I was hoping all of you could give some feedback as to which way you prefer it and why?

Thanks in advance :)

jennyema 09-27-2014 05:35 PM

No relish. Ever. In my deviled eggs.

Maybe in potato salad.

Aunt Bea 09-27-2014 05:36 PM

In my world the use of pickle relish in or on anything but a hot dog was a sign of hard times and associated with city living. I think it might have been a throwback to the Great Depression. I grew up with deviled eggs made using mashed yolks, mayonnaise or softened butter, S&P and mustard mixed together and piled back into the whites. I was very much impressed the first time I saw a sophisticated deviled egg topped with a slice of a stuffed manzanilla olive! :ermm::ohmy::lol:

Oops! I forgot the dusting of paprika!

GotGarlic 09-27-2014 05:50 PM

My mom used Betty Crocker's recipe for deviled eggs, which included dill pickle relish. I never buy relish but I always have dill pickles, so I chop those up and put them in my deviled eggs. My mom was big on the paprika, but since I have an herb garden, I usually use chives.

buckytom 09-27-2014 06:02 PM

none in the yolk filler, but i've had a little dollop of relish on top of it that's good.

btw, i work with a guy who worked at a pickle/relish factory when he was young. you really don't want to know what sounds come out of the vat when they turn the augers on to empty out the last bits of broken pickles which end up being made into relish.

trust me, make your own relish.

Scatterprime 09-27-2014 06:04 PM

I haven't tried it yet, but a friend of mine said they substituted Old Bay seasoning for the paprika and liked it so much they never went back.

Hoot 09-27-2014 06:54 PM

Nay to relish here. We do like some horseradish mixed in with the yolk. We also dust deviled eggs with Old Bay.

taxlady 09-27-2014 07:42 PM

Never heard of putting pickle relish in stuffed eggs.

Addie 09-27-2014 08:18 PM

Mayo and some powdered mustard, S&P. Enough to give it a real kick. Top with paprika. :angel:

Zhizara 09-27-2014 08:48 PM

I rarely make my deviled eggs the same. Sometimes I use relish, sometimes not. I like it sweet with honey mustard, sometimes hot with mustard and horseradish.

For mild I sprinkle the tops with paprike. For spicy, I like to sprinkle cayenne.

One of the best ideas for a cookout I had was to ask everyone to bring deviled eggs. A dozen eggs don't cost much, and the huge variety of flavors made for a wonderful assortment of appetizers.

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