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ottenm 10-03-2014 04:53 PM

Cooking Veal Osso Buco, pesto on bread?
Making my first run at an awesome Veal Osso Buco recipe from epicurious website. Got some perfect Italian Bread to go along the side.

I also have some great fresh pesto in the fridge. So I started thinking, maybe serve up the nice warm bread with a little pesto spread?

Sounds great to me (by itself), but I don't know if it collides with or clobbers the veal with tomato/stock and veggies.

Thanks for any opinions!!


GotGarlic 10-03-2014 05:06 PM

Hi, Mike. I haven't tried that combination, but it sounds good to me. All those great Italian flavors go well together. In the summer, I often serve crostini topped with pesto and chopped fresh tomatoes with Italian food. Also, people usually top osso buco with gremolata - a mixture of fresh minced garlic, lemon juice and parsley - to add some freshness to a braised dish. You could use some of your pesto for that, too.

Dawgluver 10-03-2014 05:24 PM

cooking Veal Osso Buco, pesto on bread?
Sounds good to me! What time is dinner?

Rocklobster 10-03-2014 06:49 PM

It all sounds good, but my sensitivities tell me you would have a lot going on. I would just bask in the pleasant warmth of the flavors of your Osso Bucco. You toiled and troubled to create a dish which is complex and deep. Save the pesto for another day when it can be the star. Just go with plain bread. Take GG's advice and make a gremolata.

Cheryl J 10-03-2014 10:38 PM

Since you already have fresh pesto and it won't last very long, I'd go for it! Sounds like a great dinner to me. :yum:

menumaker 10-04-2014 10:53 AM

I love pesto with a passion but for me, I would go for just the 'perfect' plain bread to accompany it and let the Osso Buco do the talking. It has such a wonderful flavor.
However, you could perhaps do the classic tomato/pesto salad as an appetizer/ first course or lunch the next day made with any of your left over bread soaked in the juices??

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