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Chef Munky 01-26-2015 02:22 PM

Monday's Lazy Dinner-1-26
Making up a huge crock pot of chuck wagon beans.Corn bread, salad on the side.

This is so cheating I know but, I'll be using Bush's bourbon and brown sugar baked beans with the ground beef we just made last week.

Everybody's on a weird schedule this week.They can eat it when they want.
Simple but good.

CraigC 01-26-2015 02:51 PM

Grilled, three mustard marinated chicken breasts and fruit.

Kayelle 01-26-2015 03:01 PM

That Italian soup I made on Friday was so dang good, and it's finally gone now so I guess I have to cook again. lol

I'm thinking maybe lamb chops tonight.

Aunt Bea 01-26-2015 03:42 PM

Knockwurst with steamed cabbage, carrots and onions, a side of cabbage salad and maybe a little chunky apple sauce! :yum:

Knockwurst or Knackwurst are very hard to find in my area, not sure why.

IMO they are the best of the wurst! :ermm::ohmy::lol:

Steve Kroll 01-26-2015 03:48 PM

It's actually warm enough to use the grill tonight, so I'll probably cook up a ribeye and some veggies.

Whiskadoodle 01-26-2015 05:09 PM

It is a perfect day for grilling. In Minnesota. In January. :lol: Reluctantly, I will forego this great opportunity this time.

We were out to Jr's today and the four of us went out for a late lunch. Pretty good pizza ( not the best crust ever, excellent sauce, the freshest mozzarella, house made sausage) and salad bar. We brought along some homemade Tiramasu that Dx and I made yesterday, and we had coffee/ sodas and dessert back at their place after lunch. I am way too full to even think about dinner. I did get an extra piece of tiramisu to bring home.

Katie H 01-26-2015 05:53 PM

We're having hot Polish-like sausages, slit the long way and cooked on the Griddler, steamed spinach with sour cream, leftover garlic couscous from yesterday, iced tea, and...freshly made coconut cream pie with lots 'o meringue. That should do it.

Cheryl J 01-26-2015 08:06 PM

It's so nice to hear some of you in Minnesota are grilling, or at least CAN grill, in January. :ohmy::chef:

I was planning on grilling some chicken thighs, but we got an unexpected heavy rainfall and the patio started getting flooded. :lol: Change of plans, and having an omelette this evening.

Bookbrat 01-26-2015 10:07 PM

Lazy indeed...leftovers here. We're cleaning out the freezers and DH wanted comfort food this weekend, so tonight was meatloaf-ish hamburger patties and baked mac & cheese from Saturday. And a big green salad. Trying to talk DH into making kettle corn for dessert.

Dawgluver 01-26-2015 10:53 PM

I defrosted some more pulled pork/ham and had it with some more pickled red onion. Can't resist the stuff.

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