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Cooking Goddess 05-13-2016 12:32 AM

Talking latest, greatest deals here!
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I love reading comments in "this thread" or "that thread" about some good score someone found at a thrift store or outlet. Except that those bargains get lost in the flotsam and jetsam of that particular thread. I figure we could have one spot to boast about what kind of bargain we found most recently.

As for me, the last things I need are more cookbooks. :lol: However, when I made my library run today, I was sucked into the community room where the Friends has set up one of their Book Sales. Oh No! :ohmy: Don't loo.....too late. What the heck, for a buck apiece I can splurge. If I decide I don't need them down the road, I can take them back to the library to give to the Friends to sell...for $1. Anyway, here are my two:

Andy M. 05-13-2016 07:02 AM

For a period of time, SO would drag me to a flea market about a half-hour to 45 minutes away from here on a Sunday morning. It was generally of little interest to me but I went.

Then one day I could a cookbook - Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Cooking (his first). I got it for $3. Then another time it was Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking for $4. Then a couple of dollars for a Best of Food and Wine cookbook.

I think I have about a half-dozen all together. Then we stopped going to the flea market.

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