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Read the back of the can! I grabbed my can of PAM ... basically anything that is NOT nonstick.

From what I remember from a couple of years ago when I was trying to find out why so-called non-strick sprays don't work on nonstick cookware ... it's the lecithin. On my can of PAM it's the 3rd ingredient. Somehow lecithin and something in nonstick coatings are chemical cousins - and cause the surface to actually get sticky.

If you also read the back of the can - it tells you what you can use the spray on .. basically anything not coated with a nonstick coating. It should work fine on Stainless Steel.

I just use a teaspoon of oil - wipe it around with a folded up paper towel .. get the surface "wet" and go from there.

Forget the "hype" that a spray can of non-stick oil has no calories from fat. It has "no calories from fat per serving" ... and that's because of the rounding factor and the "serving" size. A teaspoon of Crisco wiped around inside a pan and a 6-second spray of PAM have about the same number of calories from fat.
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