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  1. How to make smooth curry paste
  2. Most effective cleaning by applying detergent to sponge?
  3. Second Hand Pasta Machine - safety hazards from polymer clay
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  10. Mystery tool
  11. What is this gadget?
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  13. Under cabinet lighting
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  15. My pressure cooker takes too long to cook the grained rice
  16. Making a chopping board out of a tree
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  18. How Can I Improve Pizza-in-a-pan? And Another Timing Question
  19. My poor old pan: I know it can be cleaned up, but...
  20. Off Brand Vacuum Bags and Rolls
  21. Bought these copper pans from the charity shop, what's inside them?
  22. Bosch food processor
  23. Does a griddle separate from the stove get as hot (500F) as one built-in?
  24. Thinking about Cast Iron
  25. Cheap cast iron skillet
  26. Crock-pot Sauté?
  27. What is it?
  28. ISO spoon for burning alcohol
  29. Seasoning a cast iron sauce pan
  30. Backsplash Ideas beyond Tile
  31. I hate thermometers, they are liars and backstabbers
  32. Calling all Canners
  33. Whats a good griddle for a pancake house?
  34. Popeil pasta maker mixing blades
  35. Presto Kitchen Kettle