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Before my husband and I got married, I had no cooking style! Our "homecooked" meals consisted of chili dogs or tacos. We ate out at various restaurants probably six days out of seven! Over the years I've learned how to cook the basics and in the last few years have been experimenting more thanks to websites like this! We used to live on fast food and now I can't stand it. The sit-down restaurants in our area aren't that great, so we have flipped our lifestyle and now eat at home most nights.
My husband is a very picky eater. Not a fan of pasta, rice, casseroles, seafood, chicken or vegetables. Try to make a meal omitting those things! He's not a very adventurous eater, but I've stopped consulting him about what to make for dinner and just stick to my weekly plan. By the time 6:30 or 7:00 rolls around he's starving and more willing to try new things!
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Originally Posted by kadesma
I'm with you Allen, the spinach tastes like tin cans to me..I feel the same way about soda in cans as well..I don't like any veggie cooked to death I want to taste and feel the texture..Shoot if I didn't want to shew, I'd stick a straw in baby food and have a go at that..
I completely understand about soda in cans. I can taste the aluminum. I have the hardest time making a good root beer float at home, since a 2-liter goes flat so fast, and I don't like the taste of aluminum-tainted root beer, and the local store rarely carried regular IBC root beer (they had diet, or cream soda).
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What a great response!!! As I said, I partially chose hubby based on his tastes in food. I mean, how many burgers and steaks can you be taken out for (and, somehow, get stuck for the bill), then someone takes you for your first bulgogi or pho or ... well, the man who introduced me to what I wanted married me. He introduced me to many cuisines, before we were married, and then after we learned that we loved the adventure of going somehwere different. When friends were peeved at us for taking them to asian reataurants with one restroom, I have to ask, if you have sibs of the opposite ***, do you use the same bathroom. If there's a lock, get over it. It's been a great life.
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Oh, Bee, hubby was diagnosed with diabetes last month, and we're trying to avoid him becoming insulin dependent. Luckily, we both actually like good food, and he agreed with me that I didn't want cooking to turn into a math problem. It simply would take the fun out of it. Strangely enough, because we did already eat a very good, balanced diet, the changes have been minimal and all on his part. We took our various serving bowls and measured them, then he pretty much just started spreading the carbs he was already eating out. He didn't have to eliminate much, just change from drinking fruit juice to eating fruit. It has been mostly learning to "eyeball" amounts, and making sure to eat something at certain times throughout the day, and not drinking beer or wine except in strictly regulated amounts at particular times (ironically, distilled booze happens NOT to bother him, so changing from a glass of wine to a high ball was no problem) His numbers straightened our immediately, and he's down to testing every other day or so (rather than the twice a day when we started).
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