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Do you have a special recipe book...

to pass on to your child/ren? I have an only child and I am trying to start putting together a book of recipes along with stories (i.e. "this was the first recipe that we cooked together when you were 4 years old" or "this was a favorite of your yaya's") to pass on to her.

Or, did you have something from your ancestors that details stories and recipes?

I thought it would be interesting to hear about what you are doing to pass on your food culture to the younger generations or what your parents/grandparents, etc. have done to pass them on to you. I have fond memories of my paternal grandmother's cooking, and unfortunately, it was all lost when she passed away 25 years ago.

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When my grandmother passed away many years ago, I found a treasure trove of her recipes. Most were written in her own hand. many were on paper so old I thought It would crumble in my hands. I took all of them and published it for my family. Now I have one I have compiled, that are my familys recipes. Since the passing of my mother a couple of years back I plan to compile her recipes in book form for her grand & great grand children and for future generations to...

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I have a separate external hard drive just for passing things along. I have recipes from my late grand mothers, grandmother to present. I have dreams of writing a cook book one day, so I have made it a habit to saves all the fams stuff as well as my creations.

My mother has all the original books and notes from back in the day, I loved going through them, looking at theold pages and seeing first hand that these were on a counter many moons ago and being used, proof per the stains,lol.

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Never really was privy to any of my birth mother's recipes. She kept them close to her chest and I was only able to sneak copying a couple when she was out of the house. I don't know what the big deal was. She was a good cook, but not THAT good.

My grandmothers were all dead by the time I was interested in cooking, so nothing from them.

That left me with establishing our own recipe history. As a result, I have 4 plastic shoeboxes where I keep all my carded recipes. I've made it a point to make notations on them as to their origins, etc. The only other source of recipes are my 700+ cookbooks and cooking publications, all of which are organized and filed on shelves in our kitchen/breakfast room.

When our youngest son got married, I handwrote 100 recipes that were his favorites growing up and put them in a file as a wedding gift to him and his bride.

I love sharing recipes and have a great time talking cooking and exchanging with our daughter. When it comes to food and cooking, there's no doubt she's my daughter.
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i received a few recipes from my mom and later after my mom passed on, i found some letters and recipes between her and my grandmother that i now have.

i'm not planning on having any children, so unlikely i'll pass them on. but my bf and i love to cook together and have started a book of our favorite recipes. mostly so that when we're looking to cook something, we can go back to our old favorites. maybe some day that book will get passed on, but to who, i have no idea...

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Old 08-13-2007, 11:13 PM   #6
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I have a collection of over 500 cook books and 9 huge note books full of my collected recipes that are to be passed on to my nieces and all of there kids
A lot of my professional recipes and a lot of my mothers recipes are in the 9 note books I love to share
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Old 08-14-2007, 06:03 AM   #7
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These are so fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

My mother was never a cook. She moved in with us, as her health was declining and she had to work to supplement her SS. She has no interest to even be in the kitchen and I find it so sad that something that is a passion of mine is something I can't share with her at all. My dd is enjoying cooking with me, though, so there is some saving grace.

My dh is Armenian, born and raised in Turkey. For some reason, you just don't see cookbooks in Turkey. Everybody cooks the same, traditional things and every woman knows how to cook them. However, I do have a book of handwritten recipes from his mother (in Armenian and Turkish) and it's fun to read through those. Actually, the lion's share of my knowledge of Turkish is cooking terms and foods.
Life is too short to eat processed, artificially-colored, chemically-preserved, genetically-modified food. Or maybe that IS why life's too short.
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Old 08-14-2007, 08:43 AM   #8
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Oh, my goodness. Thanks for reminding me. I do not have kids, but did write a cookbook with accompanying stories from our travels that my neices and nephews, and even some friends, might enjoy. I forgot it was there. Brother. I'll have to check my hard drive and see if I can find it.
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I've been collecting recipes from family and friends ever since I started cooking. I have both grandmother's and one great-grandmothers favorite recipe books with their handwritten notes, plus hand-written recipes from my grandma Snarr and my mom. I also have recipes from my first two mother-in-laws. Dh's mom didn't cook.
A few years ago, I put together a cookbook for each of our kids called "Food of Love", containing my favorite family recipes, including my own best creations. I created the pages on Print shop, including pictures and decorative graphics, then printed them up on card-stock, using both sides, encased them in plastic sleeves, and put all in ringbinders so more recipes could be added.
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