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I took both sewing and cooking in school when I was growing up. Our school out here doesn't even offer them at all. I checked, and my alma matter is still offering the same courses they were when I was growing up. Drama, science club, art, music, PE, sports, Sewing, Cooking, etc.
I wonder how they do it without increasing taxes constantly but the schools out here that constantly get more money can't seem to keep anything going?
I have never seen my property taxes cut even once to the school district. I have seen them raised several times. None of us will vote for tax increases anymore because each time we do so to save a program, the teachers union suddenly goes on strike for a pay increase. Now we have 3rd grade teachers earning $80,000, a librarian earning $75,000, a PE teacher earning $86,000, and Admins earing from $45,000 to $60,000 and the programs we were trying to save got cut because even after the tax increases the increases in salaries left the school district with even less money than before.
My wife, as an Admin, was lucky to make $34,000 with 5 years experience. An admin at the school just starting out with 5 years experience elsewhere gets $45,000. Bear in mind DW didn't get three months off in the summer, or every holiday off, or extra days during the week for 'in service days' or 'conferences', etc. No, she had to work an average of close to 50 hours a week, and heaven forbid she only want to do the one job she was paid for, no she had to do anything she was asked which often amounted to about three jobs. The admins at our school only do their one job, and if you ask anything of them not strictly written in as one of their job duties they just sit and stare at you. That is, if they even speak English to begin with...
No wonder we have no money for school programs...
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OK folks. I think it is time we get this thread back on topic. Feel free to start a new thread in the Off Topic forum about education systems and the like.
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Thanks Fisher's Mom! If you teach someone the basics and then how to apply them it makes all the difference.

I'm glad I found DC too. :-)
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