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That counts! And not only that, it sounds good too!
Living gluten/dairy/sugar/caffeine-free and loving it!
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Don't know if this is McGuyver but one year at the Taos Ski Valley it was the morning of Christmas Eve and the hotel was full it was a tiny hotel thank god. The defrost in the freezer got stuck and had blown hot air in freezer most of the night. Came in that morning and the breakfast crew had opened door but did not remove the melting frozen stuff I was so disappointed they did not do more. First I hit electrical box that controlled all electric in hotel to shut down freezer. I then got the two live in housemen to dig two deep trenches in the snow and put all my meats and other frozen items in and cover and pack snow on top. Of course the part I would need to fix defroster would not be delivered to repair man until after Xmas. Another time a big snow storm hit the ski area so there was no power for two days. I also came in in the morning and of course the cooking staff had no clue what to do and the as usual hotel was booked solid again I was grateful we were one of the smallest hotels there. So I had them start huge pots of water to boil on the stove our main stove was propane and we actually had big windows so we opened them to eliminate some of the exhaust. My electric convection was out so no fresh croissants I had wait staff pour hot water through the big electric coffee makers to make coffee. The burners and flat top worked so we made bacon, pancakes and eggs/ omelets, hashbrowns etc. We also made some oatmeal can't remember what else but everyone got a hot meal. Since dish machine was down as well I was fortunate to have had a huge supply of paper cups, plates and plastic ware that we used on the upper deck for lunches. We carried this on through lunch we had hot soup/ sandwhiches and I don't remember what else then the guests went next door to the hotel owned by my bosses brother for dinner. Any way the guests were quite surprised as they expected nothing more than juice and cold cereal. To me thats where the concept of a good cook can come in by trying to put out the most when you have little to work with. I am in no way trying to toot my own horn but I was quite proud of my efforts.
"It's so beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it." - Julia Child
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Again, Mac would be proud!!!!!
Living gluten/dairy/sugar/caffeine-free and loving it!
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I don't know that anything I've ever done qualifies as MacGuyvering, but there have been occasions when I'd be at work and an order would not be called or a ticket flew out of the window and I had to get the orders out fast.

I do think there was a time when we were very busy and our dishwasher had either quit/called off, and I had to use a 1/2 sheet instead of a saute pan, b/c they were all dirty and noone had a moment to clean them.
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I think half my house is MacGuyvered... but that's another story, as for meals, can't remember anything right now but then my memory isn't what it used to be. I will have to ask DW if she remembers anything...
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