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I agree with the above posts. The cook controls the menu. I support my family completely. If I tried to tell my wife what to cook, she'd have my head. I often don't like what she feeds me (she doesn't like to cook) and sometimes I'll eat lightly and make my own dinner later.

Your BF didn't like what his mom cooked, yet didn't learn to fend for himself. He didn't like what his grandmother cooked, yed didn't learn to fend for himself. Instead, he expects to be served and complains when it isn't right. I hope he's only that way in the kitchen.

Good Luck
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As for things he does like...
he loves ribeyes, tbones, porksteak, beef roasts, pork roasts, and ribs.. sometimes i will use dishes with hamburger.
he loves green beans, carrots, corn and peas. Has started eating cauliflower but only if it is in a salad. hates potato, macaroni and pasta salad.

No chicken? Sausage? How about pasta or cooked potatoes?

My husband tried to tell me that he didn't like chicken. His mom is a decent cook. But for chicken - she would just throw boneless, skinless breasts in the oven & bake them. Blah! No flavor!

I can do a thousand things with chicken & each one is his latest "favorite"! The thing is - he is willing to try just about anything. The only thing left on his "Do Not Like" list is peas - even tho' I've promised that I won't overcook them until they're gray like he's used to. He will eat them if they're mixed in with other things but I don't think I could get away with setting a plate full of peas down in front of him!
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geez, c'mon everyone. so much negativity. here's a woman trying to please her bf. let's try to help. maybe he's a freakin' saint who's only flaw, albeit a huge one, is being a picky eater (altho, that's nearly a mortal sin, imo. )

does he like italian foods? tomato sauces, wine/herb/butter sauces, pastas, salads, etc...

just about any meat can be prepared with or in an italian style sauce, and the best part is that their beauty is in their simplicity. if you can brown meat, you can create a sauce to go with it using a little wine, some herbs, maybe some tomatoes or butter.

if this sounds plausible, i'll suggest a few specific recipes.
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My husband was a meat & potatoes kinda guy, back in the day. Over the last...7 years? (lol) I've been broadening his food horizon. I just started slowly introducing things. I started out with just a little fresh basil and now he can't get enough of it. We're currently working on goat cheese. I slice some art hearts & mushrooms, throw in some goat cheese and stuff chicken breasts with that. All this rehabilitation has made him more picky than I am! He'll no longer eat just chicken, I have to stuff it or do something fancy like that.

My dh also doesn't like eggs, but he'll eat them if I pack them full of stuff. Lots of veggies and meat. Basically, he likes eggs as long as he can't taste them.

Bucky has a good idea with sauces and the nice thing about that is you can always have the sauce served on the side in case bf doesn't like it. Does he like pasta? There's lot to be done with pasta. Introduce him to some new things but do it conservatively and slowly. Pot pies are always delicious too.

Maybe go out to a few places to eat and see what kind of things he might be interested in and try to recreate at home.
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