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Saturday's Dinner Thread 11/20

Grilled Johnsonville Smoked Brats, Navy Beans, Light Kidney Beans with Onion & Rotel Tomatoes, with a little Baby Ray's, Steamed Florets ..........

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Last night I made another batch of that dhansak, using that masala mix I made a while back, so it went fast. I made it with 1¼ cups whole mung beans, and 1/2 c steel cut oats, which I cooked in the IP. I started my usual way, sautéing a chopped onion in a little oil, adding some minced ginger and garlic with 2 tb dhansak masala for about a minute, before adding the water, and rinsed oats and beans. I pressure cooked them for 10 minutes, and let it release naturally, before stirring in the tarka. Meanwhile, I peeled and cleaned 3 c of diced butternut, and when the pressure released, I stirred it in, then covered, and let sit 15 minutes. This cooked it just right, though the reheating softened the squash a lot, but it is still good. As always, I had to add some water for reheating - it became solid in the fridge!

I added some yogurt to the reheated dhansak today, just to add variety, plus I added some croutons - just some rye bread cubes, made from the last few slices of my loaves of bread, by drying them out in the toaster oven. I always have some pickles to serve on the side - I opened a pint of okra pickles today; last night I ate the end of the green tomatoes in the fridge.
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Country-style pork ribs with a proprietary rub, roasted potatoes with a never to be duplicated seasoning blend and steamed broccoli.

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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
Country-style pork ribs with a proprietary rub, roasted potatoes with a never to be duplicated seasoning blend and steamed broccoli.

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Mmmmm, I love country-style ribs So much meatier than the baby backs DH likes so much

We're on the road to Michigan tonight. I packed some nibbles that we can eat in our (halfway there) hotel room, unless we have the energy to pick up something more substantial first.
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Shoyu Chicken
leftover store bought Sushi from lunch
My Quick Cucumber Kim Chee (or kimchi, whatever)
and some steamed White Rice
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We had supper at our hotel again. I completely forgot to take any pictures. While the food was fine last time, it was better this time. DH had penne arabiata, which he considered "good". I had their Cobb salad, minus the tomato. I considered mine very, very good, yummy. It had large chunks of beautifully seasoned, grilled chicken, large chunks of avocado, a hard boiled egg in halves, bacon bits, chunks of blue cheese, on a bed of various types of lettuce, and a lovely ranch dressing. We had the house white wine with our meal, which today was a Cabernet blanc and really nice.

I was full, but hadn't finished my meal. I got a take out box. We got to the room and I started nibbling on it, not from hunger, but it was sooo good. In fact, I would have kept on nibbling on that salad until I was stuffed, but I had already finished it.
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Creole seasoned chicken thighs, creamy orzo and beets

Coconut cake for dessert.
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