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Strange ways

Perhaps a post like this has been started in the past, but it's bound to never be a dull moment. This was inspired by a post I did a year ago with a strange habit I have, a sub-topic that started in the thread had people posting their weird food habits or tastes.

So here is the forum topic, post any strange food habits or tastes that you have and have been criticized for.


I have two:
1) I like putting mayo on my meatball subs before they go into the grill
2) When I make Mac 'n' Cheese of any brand or if I make it from scratch, I always dislike the "re-heated" taste it makes as a leftover. The cheese isn't as creamy. My remedy? Ketchup... It has a unique flavor to say the least.

What's the catch? Don't say yuck to someones ideas. In fact, I plan on trying some of the ideas you give me no matter how bizarre they are.


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I can go on and on. Especially about my family. However, to keep it short, I'll just stick with me. I abhor ketchup. I only use it when I'm making meatloaf, or making BBQ sauce from scratch. I don't dip my fries in ketchup; instead, I'll use whatever else is handy. Ranch will work, but I prefer Honey Mustard or a good BBQ sauce.
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A really good fry doesn't need any embellishment except a bit of salt. That said, homemade mayonnaise makes an excellent dip for fries. (Learned that at Belgo Restaurant in London.) I also like vinegar on fries.

Oh - I don't mind ketchup in and of itself but don't get it anywhere near my fries, thank you very much!
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OK, I'll bite. I'm sure there are many, but one that leaps to mind is one of my mother's party appetizers:

Package of cream cheese shaped into a flat circle, placed in a bowl. Pour soy sauce over cream cheese until there is a significant "moat". Sprinkle generously with toasted sesame seeds. Serve with water crackers. Do not knock this till you've tried it. Yummy! And the longer it sits in the soy sauce the better it gets.
On the beautiful Monterey Bay, Calif. Life outside the kitchen
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Pretty goofy but I like to crunch up potato chips on top of vanilla ice cream. I like the salty, crunchiness of it.

Another thing I like to do is spread canned or jarred applesauce on white bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and eat like a sandwich.

I also like to drop plain M&Ms in beer. Yup. Call me weird.
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What a fun thread! I don't feel so strange when I read others' food quirks.

My husband doesn't like plain steamed white rice by itself, so he will "season" it with whatever condiment he has on hand. He'll stir in salsa, mustard, barbeque sauce, relish, even horseradish. When we go out for Chinese, he stirs the spicy hot mustard into to his steamed rice. Doesn't look appetizing to me, but he says its good that way.

We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up, so we had a lot of "interesting" meals. Some of these dishes have stuck with me and when I'm sick or not feeling well, I make some of them. My mom's chicken soup is chicken noodle without the chicken, just noodles in broth with crushed fritos and cut up hot dogs mixed in. And my dad's cowboy stew (which he learned while stationed in the Air Force in Texas) is sliced potatoes, simmered in water, black pepper and ketchup with cut up bologna added at the end. I still love both of these dishes.
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