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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
i was supposed to make the ahi tuna and teryaki sirloin steak, but we nixed that for sushi/sashimi combo platters, sake temaki, salads, and gyoza.

so, tonight will be seared ahi, then grilled teryaki marinated topsirloin steak, peppers, and onions. also, i'll probably be grilling some bone in chicken thighs and breasts.

oh, and it's 4th avenue. much classier neighborhood, i guess.
elfie, did you ever post that recipe. i found the link to the competition, but not the recipe.
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Originally Posted by LEFSElover View Post
That reminds me, the day before surgery I went to TJMaxx. I bought too much stuff, bamboo drawer liners, shoes, mirror, frames and a WOK.
I can't read it cause the instructions are written in Swedish or something, but hoping to find that product online and maybe there is an English translation for me to know how to season it or whatever.
$9.99 though and very sturdy looking/feeling, can't wait to try it with a stir fry of some sort.
LEFSELover, when you get a new wok you need to remove the protective oil that it comes with by scrubbing it with a cream cleanser. Rinse. When clean, you then need to season it. Heat the wok over a low heat, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil and rub this over the entire surface to lightly coat the wok. Heat the wok for 10-15 mins, still over a low heat, then wipe it out with absorbent kitchen paper (we call them paper towels over here). Repeat the seasoning steps until the paper comes away clean and not grey/black. This is assuming that you are using a normal wok and not something Teflon coated or enamel based.

When you cook with the wok, you don't wash it in detergent either. You just use water and clean it out with paper towels again. Leave it to dry for a few minutes over a low flame. The flavours age the wok and constantly season it. Character-building I guess you could say!

I have a Cantonese wok (one with two handles) which is best used for steaming and deep-frying. The pau wok (one long handle) is better for stir-frying. Having said that, I only have the Cantonese one and only use it for stir-frying. Just wobbles a lot!
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