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I don't know how the receipt was, but usually when you prepare pasta , before you cook pasta and then you spoon over the sauce and not too much otherwise it is too nauseating.
Or you can put the sauce in a pan and than you sauté with the pasta after you have drained it
If you don't put excessive sauce the pasta is always good.

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Pumpkin tortelli from Italy

Tomorrow i'm preparing pumpkin tortelli. It is a recipe that i learned from my mother in law who was coming from a village near Mantova.
The day before i prepare the filling with pumpkin coocked in the oven and than mushed . I add a special type of biscuits called "Amaretti" mashed , parmisan grated and a the quince marmalede cut off in very little chuncks.I prepare the dough and i put in the fridge. Some recipes use to add Mostarda instead of quince marmalede. I don't like the last one very much because the filling become too sweet.
My mother in law used to prepare pasta in the old manner extending it on the table with the rolling pin .I use the machine. When i prepare pasta i keep a pot filled with water boiling on the induction plate near the table, so the pasta doesn't become dry because of steam . So i can close the tortelli filled easily .
I have two daughters. One prefers the sauce with butter sauted with sage an a little bit stock cube. Then i put on tortelli this sauce an a portion of grated parmisan.
The other daughter prefers the sauce with chicken liver. This is the sauce that i prefer because of the meeting of salty taste with the sweet taste of the tortelli filling.
I cut off in little chuncks the chicken livers. Then i sauted them with onions or scalogno(a type of onion). i add salt and pepper and tomato concentrate.
I toss and then i add a little hot water with half stock cube .
When the sauce is cooked i put on tortelli with grated parmisan.
Good appetite yummy

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