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Old 02-13-2005, 10:27 PM   #41
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I do 99.99% percent of the cooking (DW has made 2 or three meals since we have been together). I probably cook on average about 3x a week.
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Originally Posted by Claire
Hey, Hungry, what is COPD? I see PD and think police .... but .... enlighten me please.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
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I do. Four times a week. Friday is leftovers. Saturday we go out to eat and Sunday we play it by ear.
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Old 02-15-2005, 02:36 PM   #44
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Originally Posted by lyndalou
My DH fixes his own breakfast and lunch, but I make dinner every night. I love to cook and usually it's completely from scratch. He helps with the cleanup, he's a very good cleaner upper. We don't eat out really often and when we do it's most often lunch with an occasional dinner.
Parallel universe? Well said. My FH does the cleaning up, I do the cooking and we rarely eat out.

He used to cook but when I moved in that had to end. His way was to "drown" everything in butter or oil. My waistline would have never survived .
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Old 02-20-2005, 09:21 PM   #45
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Thanks for letting us know (COPD). Does it affect her day to day movement, diet, etc?

My husband used to make fresh pasta or pizza from scratch whenever we entertained, especially if children were involved (we don't have kids, and would be centered on making food the kids could participate in). Then one day I overheard freinds (or so I thought) saying, "They aren't going to make us make pasta again, are they?" We'd only done it one time (with this particular couple), and it seemed all had a good time. Now hubby won't make pasta, the couple who said this are divorced, and my husband won't cook to entertain guests any more. I think that 99% of the people who made pasta or pizza with us were delighted with the experience (I know many bought pizza stones and pasta machines), but it ruined it for me. I haven't had made-from-scratch pizza for years, and when we bought a new pasta maker it was a bust. Amazing how others can ruin your experience.

Point being, now I not only do day-to-day cooking, I do virtually all the 'entertaining' cooking as well. I love to cook, so it isn't a trial, but I miss the days when hubby took over the kitchen when the guests arrived.
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I cook EVERYDAY in my household. breakfast, lunch and dinner. Literally EVEYDAY. homecooked meals never do I usually cook from a box or anything frozen.
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I do the cooking in the house, of course once in a while my wife has to help, but mostly it is when something frozen or out of box gets cooked, I even trained my 9 year old son to make Mac and cheese from the box, because I do not like to cook things like that. Even though I try to make something fresh everyday, even if it’s a pizza, I make main thing on the weekend, so essentially I cook once a week, if I have to make a side dish, i.e. rice or potato I really do not consider that cooking.
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