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How many of these have you had in the state it is known for?

I came across this article which lists 'Must have foods you should try in each state".


Whether the dishes they list are the actual dishes each state is known for can be debated, but my question is, how many of these have you actually eaten on location ( in the actual state that it is known for).

Unfortunately , most are not vegetarian so that leaves me with few opportunities ( unfortunately, cause I've been to so many states with all my road trips).

I can only count 3

-Boiled Peanuts in Georgia ( from a road-side truck)
-Philly Cheese steak in PA ( Vegetarian version, of course, at Hip City Veg)
-Deep Dish Pizza in IL ( Lou Malnati's)

Honorable Mentions:
- I did have a baked potato at the Potato Museum in Idaho, just not loaded.
- Had Corn in Iowa, but it was more symbolic, as we knew we wanted to eat corn in Iowa, but it was a drive - through state, and all we had was a can of baby corn, which we had symbolically, just to say we ate corn in Iowa
- Had multiple huckleberry products in Montana, just not ice cream.
-Buffalo Cauliflower wings in NY, and Vegetarian Buffalo wings

A few other ive had, just not in the actual state , but that doesn't count.

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  1. My second ex-wife's parents brought Cheese Steak sandwiches for all in their luggage when they flew from Philadelphia to San Francisco for our wedding. Does that count?
  2. Arkansas: Fried Pickles - but had them across the ditch (Mississippi River) at Folks Folly in Memphis Tennessee
  3. Arizona: Chimichangas
  4. Florida: Key Lime Pie - many many times
  5. Georgia: Boiled Peanuts
  6. Louisiana: Beignets
  7. Maryland: Steamed Crabs
  8. Mississippi: Biscuits
  9. Nevada: 3 a.m. Steak & Eggs
  10. Texas: Brisket
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I've had several of those dishes but as mentioned, most were not actually on location. I haven't been out of CA in many years.

I can vouch for the variations of avocado toast (CA), though! So good. The last time I was out of state was a trip to Vegas in 2009 and yes, I did have the 3AM (or close to it) steak and eggs.
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Cool 23 Out Of 50

Two are obvious for me:
AZ - Chimis - yum
HI - Shave (not Shaved) Ice, just a few weeks ago - ONO!

And then:
AR - Fried Pickles (our greatnephew got me to try them)
CA - Avo Toast
CO - Lamb Chops (the best Lamb I've ever had)
DE - Thrashers Fries w/Malt Vinegar-the best Fries I've ever had!
GA - Boiled Peanuts (not as good as the ones we make in Hawaii though)
IL - Deep Dish Pizza
KS - Ribs
MD - Steamed Crabs (many, many times)
MO - Toasted Ravs
MT - Huckleberry Ice Cream (and Pie-OMG!)
NV - 3am Steak & Eggs (in my wild and single days-there is a hotel chain in Vegas that LOVES Hawaii folks and offers great deals. Your hotel includes a coupon book with freebies- Steak & Egg breakfast after 3am)
NJ - Disco Fries (I like them better without gravy though)
NM - Frito Pie
NC - Lexington Q
NY - Buffalo Wings
OR - Marionberry Pie
WV - Pepperoni Rolls (my BIL lives there and you can find them everywhere)
SC - She Crab Soup
TX- Brisket
UT - Fry Sauce, very tasty!!

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They nailed it with Texas...Brisket a must have here.

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