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Originally Posted by Chief Longwind Of The North View Post
Want gourmet? If you are going to be at a place where you can have a fire pit. Purchase 1 small turkey. Make a tripod out of stout wood. After cleaning the bird, place the drumstick ends into the little plastic holder at the cavity opening. Run a stick between the body and the legs so that you can lift the bird with the stick. Tie strong twine to the stick ends and attach the middle to the twine to a hook at the apex of the tripod. Build a good cooking fire with log=ts of coals and place the bird close. Give it a slow twirl. It will spin one way, then the other for some time. When it slows down, give it another slow spin. Let the bird cook while you are breaking camp. Clean some mall rocks and let them heat in the fire while the bird is cooking. When he skin is browned, remove the bird and fill the cavity with the hot rocks. Wrap tightly in aluminum foil, and then in a couple of good blankets, or place it into an empty ice chest after wrapping in foil. As you then drive to your next destination, the hot rocks will cook the bird from the inside out, giving you a yummy turkey for your next meal.

Seeeeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
Oooh....sorry Chief, but this method of cooking poultry not only scares me, but seems like an awful lot of work for a road trip. Not to mention cutting it up and storing it safely for transport. Even a small turkey is big.
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This is absolute best for traveling.

1 egg
2 packs quick rising yeast
2 cups milk
1 pinch of sugar and
2 of salt
4 cups flour plus more for kneading
Plus oil for kneading and for frying.

Warm up the milk a little bit. Add sugar, egg, yeast, and mix well. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes until a frosty top forms. Add salt. Slowly add flour mixing well. After adding all flour knead for few minutes, until dough comes off of the walls of the container you are using. Cover with the towel. Let it rise in a warm place. It should at least double in size. When that happens push the dough down, knead for another minute or two divide into small portions. Like a golf ball size, flatten it put the filling mixture (whatever you might like) in pinch to close Let it rise once again. Fry in oil seam side down first.

There is a thread with this recipe and pictures.
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There you go:

You are what you eat.
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