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It's neat how different water tastes from place to place... I always try to give the local water a try.

You are very right, sometimes it's not so good.
"The only way of understanding the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." -Arthur C. Clarke
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All the years Jr was growing up, we went to "The Lake" q/ weekend ~ summers. Always, and I do mean Always, it was spot on we hit the edge of town on Friday Niights rush hour traffic getting out of Dodge. Where the freeways / interstates end and meet the highway. Traffic and all . It was like We Reached the End of Civilization, After that it was head lights and oncoming traffic and a headache to reach the cabin. I tried my best. Jr never knew I traded one headache for another, coming from work in-town to southern burbs, turning around and driving back through traffic headiing north-- a mess into the onslaught.

Last Stop

It was a Burger King. Freaking ~A. Jr was more relaxed in the bax seat with his weekend friend. Anticipation. Chix mc nuggets and fries, he looked out the window and kept Yammering " are we there yet, huh,Huh, are we ...., not meaning are we at our cabin, but are we at BK.

It was an easy pull off the freeway and they had one of the first Drive-Thrus I was aware.

It was a Fun Spot because some 10 miles down the road, inevitably, they were deriding me for either dropping my tomato or spilling sauce on my shirt while driving. ( Talk about one handed driving and texting, this is not so much now-a-days. I suppose so). Never did learn to wear a bib, but why should I on a t-shirt if it's kid's amusement. Bet on which mile marker dad makes a mess. I just ate my french fires and turned up the music. Kids anyway. It takes kids to play and I is/was the real kid. After while They fell asleep.
Before that, Cheetohs . joni mitchell, neil young, pink floyd. Chili at truck stops. Miles. Davis. Cross cournty . Enuff said.

Another time we went to Chicago. The Big City. Jr's were 8-9 or 9-10. A weekend taking in the Science Musem, the Shedd Aquarium and mostly for us, the Art Institue . Also a quick drive thru and stop by in Greek Town for lunch, a walk thru China town, Take the El''s for old time sake. The kids didnn't appreiciate the Shedd aquarium as much as they liked running and splashing and freezing themselves along Lake Michiagan, they liked Pizza, their frst deep dish, and they liked going to the Science Musem, we didn't have a science museum here at the time. Personally, I dont remember if it was dinosaurs or Keyboards and synthisizers. It was impossible to make them leave. All I remember is we didn't have mucho dinero, wanted to take a vacation, and we had on -the- spot-made PB & J sandwiches as we drove through the fall country side along the river before cutting across Wisconsin and Mom pulled some chocolatey treats as if by majic for the kids. I was anticipating some good Wi cheese and it was too expensive to do other than taste-test. We had a cheep motel, and the kids loved it as it had a indoor pool. So it was a bang up weekend. Squids . Dried. Dead. Huge. Grateful dead, Bob Marley. naked white marble statues and Impressionists. I had been previous, and wanted to show the then Mrs Whiskas. Not much time for this. Romance shurly lacking. Rambbuntious little twits. Not really, Normal. How many museums can little leggs walk thru in 2 days. I think our car died too not long after. A sure sign of a failing marriage, if I would have paid attention, read tea leaves I could have save a dozen years headaches. LUCKILY, we Get Along Today, and have for the present 20 years. It is Much Better this way. And just the two of us have been to chicago twice since then, and once to the Art Institute. We still pack PB & J when we travel and take a cooler wedged in the back seat floor with cold drinks. And we can stop anywher along the way we want.
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We usually have some granola bars in the pantry that we bring along in case we get a little hungry between meals.

Other than that nothing, we stop for meals, usually trying to make gas and lunch stops one in the same. I like getting out and stretching.

I realized that with pay-at-the pump gas, that the only time I ever set foot in a convenience store nowadays is on a road trip!
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Originally Posted by Vanitas View Post
We usually munch on chips or beef jerky - sandwiches if I'm feeling ambitious prior to the road trip.

Drinks consist of coffee for me, water for my fella.

If we're spending the night somewhere along the way, we might pop into the local pub for some brews & grub.
I so love beef jerky, good snack for on the road
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt
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We tend to stop somewhere. For breakfast we look for a busy little truck stop. Prompt service. Inexpensive and home cooked. For lunch we look for the same type place. We only order their 'soup of the day'. If the place is busy the daily soup must be good. Inexpensive and prompt service. We stay away from greasy/sugar foods. When we had kids it was another matter and there was always something for them to snack on except NO sugar. The last thing we wanted was to have a few kids coming down off a 'sugar high' at three in the afternoon. LOL
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It depends on how long the trip is and the weather. SA is really hot so I usually freeze bottles of water and juice and pack them at the bottom of the cooler. I make mini meatballs, boiled eggs, biltong, fruit salad in plastic tubs, muffins, sandwiches with cold cuts and a bit of lettuce, cucumber and tomato, hard candies and gum to keep little mouths quiet lol! and sometimes coffee in a flask if we are traveling really far.
We stop for energy drinks and a Wimpy breakfast if the trip is longer than 5 hours.
"I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass."

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