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Cooking for a Crowd

Hello! My name is Anna. I love to cook and have been cooking for my extended family for many years....

I have recently come into a quandry, however, when I was asked to host a 'small group' meeting for my church on Sundays. The issue here is, I don't cook for my extended family every week, and my dinner ideas can be spread out and adjusted accordingly to avoid being repeated... not the case here, I am sure that the spaghetti I serve this Sunday will be identified in the 'baked spaghetti' that I would ordinarily serve as leftovers, the following week!!

I would like to have some creative 'main dish' ideas keeping in mind a budget!

If anyone could provide some ideas for me I would really appreciate it!! Thanks! A


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Hi Anna and welcome to DC! I cook for a crowd pretty regularly so I understand your dilemma. Here are some things that I often choose when I'm cooking for a big group - but keep in mind that these are "comfort food" meals. Not fancy. I don't know what the tone will be for your church group.

lasagne with garden salad and garlic bread

Navy beans with cornbread and cucumber salad

thin cut breaded pork chops with rice and sliced tomato salad
(there is a fabulous recipe posted by corinne that is designed for a very large group)

Make it yourself crispy tacos with pinto beans and spanish rice


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hi Anna, and welcome to DC. it's a nice group here, and plenty of people will chime in with great recipes for you to use.

go search around the site for recipes already posted...keep things in a budget & reduce your stress over first-time party-hosting by looking for things with simple ingredients that you're familiar with, at first. as you get some confidence and want to start experimenting, well, this is the place to find fancy recipes, too.

hopefully, your church group is giving you some $ towards that budget. if not, and you're the one person being asked to feed all those mouths every week, don't feel shy about asking for a little chipping in!
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THank you!

Fireweaver, I don't absorb all the costs, we all pitch in, but I do support just the main dish, which is fine with me. I am not new to crowd cooking, just new to doing it once a week!

Mom, comfort food works for me! When we get to the hotter months, I will be doing more 'fix it yourself' taco, burger, sandwhich type stuff, but I love your ideas!

Thank you both for your suggestions.. I will seach around for some recipies and other posts...
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Enchiladas, a jambalaya, frittatas, picadillo (a Cuban dish, just Google), fried rice, some kinda chow mein, sorry gotta go.
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Anna, here's the recipe for the pork chops that DC member Corrine posted. I have made it many, many times and it never fails. Make sure you season the breadcrumbs well or buy seasoned ones. You can use the thinnest, cheapest chops available and they will still be fork-tender!

Pork Chops

6 pork chops
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
bread crumbs

Instructions: Beat egg & milk. Dip chops in egg & milk mixture. Cover chops with bread crumbs. Brown in 1" of oil. Remove from oil & place in baking dish. Add 1/4 cup boiling water to baking dish. Cover tightly with foil. Bake at 400* for 50 - 60 minutes.
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Welcome to DC!!

Too many restaurants, not enough time...
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