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Grandpa's birthday, need MAJOR help!!!

Hey guys!

So, im 16 years old and im cooking for my grandpa's birthday party. On the menu so far, ive got a goat cheese/caramelized onion spread and a lobster bisque. Someone else is going to bring the salad and desert, but i have no idea what to make for the main course!! Chicken w/ 40 cloves of garlic perhaps? Maybe alton browns recipe? if anyone has tried that, id love some feedback. theres gonna be 8 people, should i double the recipe? is it good for entertaining? would serving it with cous-cous be good? Im in way over my head here, please help asap!! thanks!!


In what restaurant does Chef Tony cook at...?
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First of all, your 16, Im 44, and have never attempted goat cheese/carmelized onion spread or lobster bisque, so I commend you for taking on this task for your grandpa's birthday. What are you most comfortable cooking as a main course? Is it chicken? I'm not familiar with Alton Browns recipe for chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, but if the recipe is for 4 people, then yes you should double it seeing as your serving 8. Cous Cous sounds good, also rice would be good if your making chicken. Are there any dietary restrictions involved?

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Can never go wrong with chicken.

Just cause I like this recipe, I'll send it to you.

Stroganoff Style Chicken

Zzyxk - Short baked goods slideshow! Homemade
Please check it out.
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The chicken is a meal you cannot lose with. I add a lemon (pierced many times) to the garlic. You're pretty ambitious. Then you can buy some instant couscous and have that as the starch. For 8 people I'd probably bake 2 chickens.

I love Alton, but like many TV chefs, he makes things too difficult. You take the raw chicken, put half a head of garlic (cloves separated, but not peeled) in the cavity. Then a half of a lemon, or a small one, pierced many times, then the other half of the head of garlic. This is one of the most simple things to cook there is. Bake the chicken as said in any cookbook. You might be doing two, and I've found that takes an extra half-hour. Let us know how you do.
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Actually, I don't agree that whole roasted chicken is a no-brainer for a dinner party. You do have to worry about the dark meat being done enough not to be bloody around the bones, while not drying out the white meat. Then you have to worry about carving the chicken gracefully.

I'd go with a big old pot of Gobo's chicken stroganoff, or Chicken Marsala or Beef Bourguinion (both easy, but impressive). That's if you are willing and able to cook with wine. If not, how about a sauerbraten? You can make that in a crockpot. Way easy and a crowd-pleaser.

Cous cous would be great with any of those, and it couldn't be simpler. Or garlic-mashed potatoes. Or buttered egg noodles. Rice might be tricky, if you're making it for the first time.

Steamed green beans, buttered with toasted almonds is a nice vegetable side dish.

Good for you, Drummercook! Your grandfather is a lucky man!

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