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Mother's Day help - Questions for the Moms

I'm trying to figure out Mothers Day breakfast. I plan on having my kids help with breakfast and then serving Mom breakfast in bed. I'm having a tough time thinking on what to serve.
I would love to get some advice on this, my mind is going blank on what to serve. Any advice is great.


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eggs benedict if she likes hollandaise, or waffles with fruit compote. strawberry muffins. coffee. bacon or sausage or ham. pomegranate juice or fresh-squeezed orange!
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From personal experience...I'm a mom of 5. You can make your wife's Mother's Day special by pampering her and making something that won't leave the kitchen a disaster area.

Let me suggest you ask the members here or search the Internet for a breakfast/brunch casserole that you and the children can prepare together. While it is baking, you can be creating a pretty fruit plate/cup and something to drink...and tidying up the kitchen.

Pick/buy some pretty flowers (only a few are enough) and put them in a pretty vase on the tray with her breakfast. You might want to buy a special little vase as part of her gift.

Best wishes on your Mother's Day plan.
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You have some good suggestions already. I do love a good Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries, but that's me. I don't care what it is as long as I don't have to make it or clean it up. My kids know me so well, so they know that I would love a new houseplant, a gift cert to a book store, a pedicure, etc. I'm sooooo easy!
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My gang will troop in all 12 of them and DH will take us all out for bunch at a place I love..Anything you can imagine or want is ready to please you, I love a mimosa, crepes with strawberries, bacon and then hot coffee...DH and my girls will hit the prime rib and eggs,waffles the little ones will eat everything but ham is a favorite,fried eggs for Ethan along with fruits and lots of it..Same for Olivia, Cade and Carson don't care as long as Carson gets scrambled eggs with cheese and something sweet, Cade loves french toast, ham and bacon..Apple juice or cider all round for the kids...Pleanty of hot coffee and our special table with lots of talk and kids around..mother's day is wonderful. I think the girls picted me up a new digital picture frame..And DH will bring me a boquet of flowers for the dinning room table..Who could ask for more..I'd give it all up tho just to sit and love my family,specially those babies.
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I'm with Katie on this, one of those breakfast casseroles would be good. Depending on the skill level of the kids, they could chop, dump, or stir. It's also easy to eat with just a fork. Sometimes, having to use a knife and fork while eating in bed could be awkward. A blend of juices would be good, another dump and stir kind of thing: orange, pineapple, mango, etc. maybe even add something sparkling.

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for breakfast in bed. chocolate covered strawberries and champagne now that is breakfast in bed. and not much mess to clean up.
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My mom's favorite treat for a special occasion is a mimosa - you can make it extra-special by using blood orange juice instead of regular orange juice!
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Originally Posted by lynseysnatural View Post
My mom's favorite treat for a special occasion is a mimosa - you can make it extra-special by using blood orange juice instead of regular orange juice!
i like it with tangerine juice
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BAMIKE, anything you make will be wonderful. You could serve her plain toast and because she didn't have to do it herself it would be wonderful.

DEFINITELY something that won't mess the kitchen. And something pretty. It isn't the food so much as it is the event itself.

What is your wifes favorite breakfast?
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What a great idea, and as said above, she will really appreciate it if she doesn't apy for it later:) I guess the menu really depends on her likes/dislikes. For me it would just be coffee because I can't eat right after I wake up. The casserole is a great idea because you can add all of her favorites, and then get creative with the side/dessert. Hope she enjoys!
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I would definitely pick and choose based on what your wife likes. My hubby knows me well enough to know that I would reeeeealllllllyyyy love one of two things:

A. Eggs Benedict with a side of fruit (melon, strawberries, whatever else looks fresh at the grocery store). Cook my eggs runny and give me plenty of hollandaise--special day .

B. Western Omelet with a side of old-fashioned toast (put the pats of "real" butter on the bread and then broil it). I will eat toaster toast, but I love the old-fashioned toast from the broiler--special day .

Just think about what she would make for herself is she wasn't faced with pleasing everyone else. And......you must be a pretty good hubby because you are thinking about and planning a nice Mother's Day before the night before .
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