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Old 12-30-2016, 01:29 AM   #1
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New Years Party (after new years)

So, beloved wife and I decided to have our holiday party on Sunday 1/8, after New Years. Turns out this was a popular decision, pretty much everyone we invited is planning on coming. So what started as a sit down dinner has turned into a large dinner party.

We have a fairly big two bedroom apartment, so space (Thank goodness) is not a huge problem. Big living room, dining room/kitchen space, and we can open up the second bedroom that we use as a office as extra space.

But it does look like I'm going to have two dozen people coming. And I did chilli for the last dinner party.

So I'm thinking about a big beef stew. And a lot of finger food. Go buffet style (and our friends are cool they will bring some salads and sides), make a couple loaves of bread, and worst case, if nobody brings anything, bread and stew.

Any ideas for other things I can make ahead and have? I've got puff pastry in the freezer, so thinking that and some spinach, maybe with some asaigo cheese, make little pastry spinach things?

Anyone have a big party in a medium apartment? Going to just push all the furniture up against the walls, put chairs everywhere (and probably borrow folding chairs from work) make a nice buffet in the kitchen/dining room and get a big tub of ice for drinks...I've got a big tub type thing, would it be tacky to throw down one of my camping tarps and put a tub of beer, soda, bottled water on ice out? Leave me some room in the fridge for appetizers and stuff?

Anyway any clever ideas here are welcome.


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Big party in a small room? Very small food, lots of drinks.

You don't want big, sloppy food where someone needs to be careful how they eat it, or to have to proper sit down food. Small finger foods work, but they shouldn't be greasy. No one likes greasy finger food.

Maybe bbq eel bites on a toothpick could be one?
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Originally Posted by buckytom View Post
Big party in a small room? Very small food, lots of drinks.

You don't want big, sloppy food where someone needs to be careful how they eat it, or to have to proper sit down food. Small finger foods work, but they shouldn't be greasy. No one likes greasy finger food.

Maybe bbq eel bites on a toothpick could be one?
Definitely lots of finger foods with a toothpick. Also, make sure they have a place to put there dish down if they need to. Move all lamps to the back of the tables. Remove all knick knacks and other small items. And have plenty of coasters around to use for their drinks. If you are using paper plates, make sure there are receptacles handy for the guests.

Good luck and keep us informed on how the party goes.
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30 people in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, yes that happened and it was fun.

Since my friend has allergies, food restrictions and preference and the only thing we all can eat is corn starch, rhubarb and water, i tend to do alot of small dishes, hoping some one can eat something.

Mini pie are a favorite, chantarelle and bacon pie, clubs sandwich pie, cheese pie, Spanakopita, vegetable pie, carrot pie. All these are just two bites big.

Another favorite is Nothern sushi, it just nick name for Tunnbrödsrulle, a tin flat bread that can be rolled up. I make one with gravlax and gravlaxbutter and one with either salted beef or reindeer with horse radish cream. Roll up. leave in the fridge to set and then cut it up in 1 inch pieces.

Or I make smörgåstårta
For the love of Cheese!
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Old 12-30-2016, 03:23 AM   #5
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I agree, finger foods that are easy to pick up and eat with just a fork would work best. I would do a Mediterranean mezze spread -

- baked lamb or beef kibbee with yogurt sauce
- Greek meatballs in a slow cooker
- mini spanakopita (you can freeze these in advance)
- hummus and baba ghanoush and tzatziki (all made in advance) with pita chips, crostini (made from your bread - make skinny loaves, like baguettes) and crudités
- stuffed grape leaves with lemon sauce (make in advance)
- marinated mini mozzarella balls and feta cubes (make in advance)
- marinated red and yellow and orange roasted bell peppers (because having all the colors is festive) (make in advance)
- prosciutto wrapped around skinny bread sticks
- olives, grapes and quartered figs
- A mixture of spinach, chopped marinated artichoke hearts and asiago would be great in the phyllo cups.

If it were me, I wouldn't use paper plates for a holiday party. Before one party I had years ago, I got a set of clear glass buffet plates with a swirl pattern for $1 apiece at a thrift store.
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We do lots of snack-type things as fillers.
-tiny cups of dried fruit/nuts (like the paper ketchup cups)
-cheese and sweet tray to go with wines
-grapes that get cut into 5-piece branches
Drinks easy to grab in a tub/bucket/ice chests, as you mentioned, and separate chest for clean drink ice come in handy for self-serving.
Your puff and spinach thing sounds delicious!
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Old 12-30-2016, 05:50 AM   #7
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Chili verde. I'll guess that most have not had green chili. Lots of recipes available, but here's one that I made and liked.

The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich Chicken Chile Verde in Under 30 Minutes | Serious Eats

Cut up fruit (melons, seedless watermelon, etc.). Easily done a day or two in advance.
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Nothing that makes people have to use the bathroom. It's going to get a good workout...
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Honey Badger
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Sounds like everything you've planned out is perfect.

Everybody I know just wants this miserable year to be over with already.
Me especially.

If you want to use up your puff pastry. How does Jalepeno sausage rolls sound? It can be sliced up into appetizers.

Were having that tonight for dinner. I have no idea who's coming or going today. Instead of the puff pastry I'll be using a sweet bread. Fresh Jalepeno sausage. Char the sausages until they are just about done. To get a little grilled flavor in it. Set it aside while I roll out the dough. Add a slice of cheddar cheese. Roll, top it with a slice of Jalepeno and bake.

Hope it all goes well for ya!
Happy New Year.

Munky Badger.
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Party = Devilled eggs!

If you served chili successfully last year, then beef stew should work as well.

Google up Savory Palmiers. I think, not sure, you could use the spinach/ cheese to make these, or something else. They look pretty on a platter.

At Christmas BIL set regular coolers on bath towels.

Make a bread bowl filled with a dip, good for veggies and dip too.

I like smoked trout or hot smoke salmon dips or spreads.

This might wow your guests and they are easy. Fill pitted dates with an herbed goat cheese or herbal up some cream cheese. Place a canned smoked almond on top. Wrap with a little bacon and a toothpick and oven. Or skip the bacon, they are good as they are. Or stuff dates with almond paste ( not marzipan), in the baking aisle, and stick an almond on top.
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new year, party

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