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Preparing pot. salad, deviled eggs and baked beans over 3 days

It is my annual tradition to make a simple meal for my students - usually western picnic foods. I like making potato salad, cole slaw baked beans and deviled eggs mainly because I like eating them I have 140 people this year. Last year preparing so much food in one night was really difficult. I would like to spread the preparation over 2 or 3 nights, so that I can take more care with the preparation of the ingredients. I am concerned, however, with health issues - how long can I keep cooked eggs in the fridge, cooked potatoes. My first thought was on Tuesday night I can boil the potatoes and all of the eggs needed for the deviled eggs and potato salad, on Wednesday make the apple pie, prepare the dried beans and pork for the baked beans and chop the other ingredients needed for the foods, and then on Thursday night bring them all together. Does this sound safe? What should I pay attention to?

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What a nice gesture, and a great menu, Pengyou!

Your plans will be fine. Nothing is extremely perishable as long as everything is refrigerated.

Have fun!
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It's exactly how I would stretch out the prep time over several days. If you are using onions and other fresh chopped veg, you can go ahead and prep them while your potatoes and eggs are cooking. The eggs can also be peeled anytime between the time they are cooked and the night you put it all together.

I like putting the potato salad together a night or two before so the flavors have a chance to meld.
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Hard cooked AKA hard boiled eggs will last many days in the refrigerator. Indeed when I have eggs that are seeming to have been too long in my refrigerator I boil them to give them another several days of useability.

My best advice is to not do the final assembly of your ingredients until the day you intend to serve. Or no sooner than the day before.
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Originally Posted by PrincessFiona60 View Post
I like putting the potato salad together a night or two before so the flavors have a chance to meld.
Putting the potato salad early does help the flavors to meld. After it is made, keep it refrigerated and covered. I can always tell when a potato salad is freshly made or allowed to sit and develop the flavors.
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beans, eggs, salad

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