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I should have added in the last year she is down 25lbs and I am down 30lbs doing things this way. A friend of ours that did the Bariatric surgery has lost 42lbs in the last year. Only 12lbs more with the surgery than doing it naturally.
I have had enough of surgery, my vote goes naturally! Plus she looks 'funny' cause she didn't exercise during this so it all just kinda hangs there...yick.
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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
I agree that a cheat day can still be healthy. Healthy food does not mean nasty food. I was talking to my sister the other day, and we did not know we were being raised healthy. Mom taught me that every meal should have as many colors of the rainbow as possible. I was astonished when the military stationed me in North Dakota, and the local folk pretty much only ate food that was white or gray. The man who ran the chow hall used to call me up on occasion. "Claire, I heard you made a great XXXX; let's talk, how can I make it for 100 guys?" Just think color, reallly. But mostly, the fact that you are making a meal for your loved ones overwhelms almost anything you can do negatively. Just make sure there is a good salad and veggie (and I don't mean corn or peas, they count more as a starch). I had a guy who sold me veggies in Florida who thought I was a vegetarian! No ... I was just raised that every meal should have green (not boiled to death gray), and red or orange (no, not candied). Include that in your meal and you'll be OK.
What she said

Also think Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean curries, stir-fries and soups), Middle Eastern and Indian food - these dishes are loaded with low-fat, high-veggie, tremendously tasty ingredients. If you dine on these all week, then there's no problem at all indulging yourselves once a week. Although once you start eating this way, you may not feel deprived anymore

I've read that if people eat a cup of soup or a salad before the main dish, they eat less during the rest of the meal. DH used to load his plate with pasta, then complain he was too full to eat his salad, so I started serving it first. Also, he started buying the spray salad dressing - he likes that.

In the winter, I make a big pot of minestrone or chicken soup, which he loves, and we have a cup of that before dinner. It does make a difference.
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