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Bridgett, I'm not sure what source you're getting your glycemic index information from, but it's incorrect. Honey, being a natural product, can vary in GI, but, generally speaking, it averages around 58. Regular sugar is 61. In no way could honey ever be considered low GI.

Fructose does happen to be low GI, but it's not what I consider to be a 'healthier' alternative. For information on the dangers of fructose, take a look at these links:


Dennis, it's good to see that your doctors are up to speed on fructose. It wasn't a long time ago that doctors (and diabetic organizations) were actually recommending fructose as an alternative sweetener to diabetics. Thank goodness that's all changed. Fructose is especially dangerous to diabetics with it's ties to increased insulin resistance.
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I have to say I think they are pretty much cutting edge. When I go there I spend almost 2 hours with the nutritionist, nurse, and doctor. My first visit took half a day. I have to write down everything I eat, when I eat it, how much I eat. I take blood sugars before every meal, and two hours after at least one meal per day, as well as when I get up, and go to bed.

I see them every two months because I live so far away. It would be once a month if I was closer (I live more then 200 miles round trip.) On the off months I have to fax all the info to them. If my carb count doesn't jive with their lists I will get a call or an email wanting to know why.

It's kinda like Diabetic Boot Camp . We just had a fight about a panini I made. The nurse said it was 65 carbs, I said 40. I was right because I removed excess bread then weighed it. I love being right!
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