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I used to love KFC Original Recipe thighs as a special treat every now & then. I've had it a couple times since they eliminated that transfats. (I thought my taster was just "off" the first time so I had to try again.) BLAH!!! I don't expect to have it again. It's just not that good anymore.
I'm all about the food!
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There's more to life than eating rice cakes and distilled water.

Since we are a community of foodies, we know we can produce our own foods in a healthier manner.

As for us, we haven't purchased commercially produced breads in too many years to count. And those of you who think it's not possible...it is. I press my bread machine into service to do all the kneading and the first rise for our loaf bread, sandwich bread, hamburger/hot dog buns, toasting bread, Italian bread, French baguettes, etc. I also make all our English muffins and bagels. And, don't forget, N.Y. Times bread.

I make all our own tomato sauces and other vegetable dishes. We almost exclusively use olive oil in cooking and incorporate canola oil in other dishes. And, oh, we use REAL butter occasionally.

I'm not saying our household is the "ideal" world, but I've been cooking like this for too many years to count.

Our children didn't grow up on fast food and junk food. We never had chips and empty-calorie snacks in our house and our 5 children turned out quite well. Two of our sons are over 6' 6" tall, so I guess the veggies stood them in good stead.

As an explanation to my comments, let me assure you, we were not "mother earth" parents. We were cheap ones. We did the best to stretch our food dollars in a way that filled up our brood in a healthy way.

That's not to say we can't enjoy some of the "goodies" in moderation. Just not every meal, every day.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
"As a girl I had zero interest in the stove." - Julia Child
This is real inspiration. Look what Julia became!
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Originally Posted by Corey123
In some cases, it can't be avoided at times.

It's in certain other foods like most brands of peanut butter, oleo spreads, pie crusts, pastries, lard (if it has it), and a host of other foods. Also, those snack foods such as corn curls, corn chips, potato chips, and probably those pre-made foods and frozen dinners.

But in those cases, never mind the trans fats, because the blasted salt alone can eventually kill, driving up the blood pressure level to astronomical proportions! So if the trans fats dont get you, the salt will.
I agree but at least if we are aware we can control it a bit better by actually eating fresh home cooked meals I am in no way a healthy eater but I try not to over do it on crap.I love brown rice and now instead of buying the frozen french fries I will go ahead and make the oven roasted potatoes with olive oil much better than the store bought anyway.Its about the convience that is killing us.I still love a fast food burger and fries but it is about twice a month not everyday.
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