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Originally Posted by Dawgluver View Post
I'm thinking I'd use Alpo. They make a chunky one.
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I save all the heals from bread loaves and any slices that are starting to get dry. I let them air dry and put them in a canister. Then I have bread for dry bread crumbs whenever I need it.

I also dry any crumbs in the bottom of the bag to add to the canister as well as the crumbs at the bottom of RyVita bags and cracker bags.
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Originally Posted by Roll_Bones View Post
I have seen people use a sleeve of saltine crackers in their meat loaf and swear by it.
I have never tried it and I use bread crumbs.

I must admit I use Progresso Italian style bread crumbs. Seems I never have day old Italian (crusty) bread laying around....
My mother used it, so I do too.

Now, should I happen to have some day old crusty bread, by all means I would make my own bread crumbs.
But that has never happened.

Question? If I have fresh crusty bread, should I slice and crisp it up in the oven first or just use it as is? To make bread crumbs.
I've seen recipes with all kinds of bread products mixed with the milk. It doesn't have to be any specific type. The recipe I use calls for fresh bread torn into pieces; I have been putting it in the food processor and processing it into pieces, not crumbs, to make it easier. Also, whenever I have extra bread, I freeze it so it's available for all kinds of recipes.

The bread/crackers/whatever, mixed with the milk, react with the egg and help bind the meatloaf.

To make it chunky, I would add 1x1-inch pieces of onion, bell peppers, and any other veggies the spouse likes.
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I keep heels and last slices of bread in the freezer. When I'm ready to make a meatloaf, I dice 4-6 of them up in a 3/8" - 1/2" dice and add that to the meat as my filler.

The meatloaf has more texture to it, as compared to using bread crumbs.

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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
You guys are all nasty. His spouse just expressed a preference. You should all try to be a little more accommodating.
I'm sorry! I thought I was being accommodating by saying I sometimes put meatballs in mine.

Perhaps I should have asked how chunky it needs to be. I'm sorry.

With love,
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While it's nice that you apologized, I don't think it necessary in this circumstance. We all have the right to suggest that the person expressing their preference should get it.... with chunky stew meat or with chunky meat balls or do it himself to suit himself. Several have asked what "chunky" might mean. And several gave their versions of chunky. Never in my entire life have I heard the term "chunky" used to describe meat loaf except in this thread. I would need to see a sample of it were requested in my kitchen. Maybe I like my meatloaf un-chunky.
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