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Flowers and Vegetables?

Specifically, I have a garden plot that is about 2' X 10', up against a brick wall of the house. I grow a great tomato plant there every year, and sometimes a pepper or two at the edges. BUT at one end I cannot grow some of the vegs most of my friends get way too much of ... zuchini and eggplant. This year not much of anything. There is a peony growing on the other side of this end of the garden. Is the peony just that heavily a feeder that I should either (a) dig up the peony (would make my husband happy, for some reason he isn't fond of peonies); (b) give up on that end of the vegetable bed; or (c) is there something to supplement the soil on that end of the veg bed?

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First, we need a little more info. What kind of soil do you have, i.e. sandy, loam, clay, silt? Is the area shaded, partially shaded, full sun? What kind of veggies are you trying to grow?

I have a different types of soil on my property. It is primarily sand, but has been built up with rotted cow manure, top-soil, and plant material. The back garden supports most anything I want to grow in it. It is slightly acidic soil and so does well with everything from string beans to zuchini. Peas grow phenominally as do strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Cor owuld grow well if the squirrels 9and no I'm not talking about my wife here) would leave it alone.

My side yard is mostly rich loam. Kiwi plants are growing great, as do herbs and flowers. But my blueberries want better drainage and a more acidic soil. They are doing ok, but could be better.

My front yard is mostly pond sand on top, but is pure sand underneath. My maple trees and lilac bush are doing extremely well on that soil, but not so much with the grass. Dandelions love it though. Again, the soil is slightly acidic.

Let us know what you have and someone here will be able to help you.

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Soil quality (LOTS of organic matter - i.e. "compost") & light (LOTS of sunlight) are pretty much the major prerequisites for most productive gardens - whether that be vegetables, herbs, &/or flowers. (Sufficient watering is obviously a given.)

So as Goodweed pointed out - do let us know what you have to work with in these departments.
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The soil is the same throughout the bed; that is to say that every year I throw in a sack of topsoil and one or two of composted manure. Lots of earthworms live there, which to me is a good sign. It is, as I said, about 10' long up against the side of the house, and at one end I have a healthy pepper plant, in the middle a prolific tomato plant. It is just that one end -- same soil, same sun (all day, and because of the brick wall of the house, it retains heat and actually does better than my other little plot). IT is just that one side -- about 2' square -- where anything I plant seems to kind of languish.
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