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Old 04-05-2022, 09:41 PM   #41
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I had hoped to have a garden going this year but with the ankle...I think this summer I'll concentrate on getting some raised beds up and soil in. And I need to think of some sort of fence because of the deer.

I cook because my pots and pans are the closest thing to a chemistry experiment that I have. So far I haven't blown up the kitchen!
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Old 05-08-2022, 12:04 AM   #42
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This week is supposed to be in the 70's, so Im hoping to get the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in. They've been Harding in and out of my garage. Im looking forward to Mother Nature taking care of them, as she'll do a much better job than I will.

Once they're out of the garage, Ill move the stuff I have in the basement ( under the lights) into the garage to take their place hardening off. Those would be the different squashes I got going ( Delicata, Spaghetti , Turban, pumpkin, butternut. Also got some beans down there ( yard long and winged, both new to me this year ).

Peanuts and okra still need to mature more before moving them up and out ( usually late may).

Ill head over to the nursery to get some cucumbers and zucchini.

Iill keep a close eye on my string beans. I started them outside , but they have a tendency to rot , even before sprouting, or the cut worms get them early on. So, Ill give them a week or so. f int looks like they are failing, ill pick them up too. Then its the waiting game, of nurturing them and letting them all mature.

Currently I got Onions, garlic, shallots, potatoes, spinach, carrots, beets ,cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts dill, cilantro, string beans all in, but not harvestable yet

lettuce, radish, arugula, chives, scallions all up and in the process of being eaten

Kale, harvested all last week to make room for the other things going in.

In addition, got 3 mushroom beds and 2 logs inoculated. Got some shiitake already. The others, may have to wait til fall to mature and produce.

Fruit trees flowering. Got a few rounds of mason bees to pollinate them.
Just got my first bunch of leaf cutter bees too pollinate the rest of the veggies as they flower
In a few weeks ill incubate the praying mantis egg sacs.
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Old 05-08-2022, 09:36 AM   #43
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Right now, weeding and more weeding! I've picked sugar peas and spinach and lettuce, but weeds are trying to take over the tomato beds and green beans. We will have baby red potatoes soon, and the garlic will be ready to pull, hang and dry next month. The onions are doing well, especially the red salad onions. We have only two squash plants, which is plenty for two people to contend with!
The apple and pear trees are forming fruit, and we have teeny tiny bunches of grapes on our vine.

The herbs (which are placed in pots along the path) are coming out of the barn shelter and into their decorative ceramic pots.

Now, if I can only get a grip on those pesky weeds!
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Old 05-08-2022, 02:40 PM   #44
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Due to some health issues for both of us, I have drastically cut back on our veggie gardening.

For the last 5 years or so I've been container-gardening, which has been working well.

This year I have 2 Roma plants, along with 1 each of Beefsteak tomato, Sweet 100 cherry tomato, green bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, straight neck squash, and bush cucumber. Already have plenty of blossoms on the cherry tomato. Yeah!

Love watching everything grow and produce.
"As a girl I had zero interest in the stove." - Julia Child
This is real inspiration. Look what Julia became!
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Old 05-13-2022, 11:30 AM   #45
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I'm trying to figure out where to put stuff. Non of the seeds I started inside survived. Don't know why I try.lol... every 5 years or so. Never succeed

So I have a question...
Garlic planted last fall looks good... can I plant some hybrid white radishes (minowase)
between them?

Click image for larger version

Name:	JPEG_20220513_122823_4989215755063038528.jpg
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Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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Old 05-13-2022, 12:39 PM   #46
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Came inside for a breather! It is 74 F -24 C out there.

No breeze, bent over crawling along on your knees, you can probably add about 10 degrees But I love it.
Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
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Old 05-15-2022, 10:39 PM   #47
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dragn- if you haven't planted those radishes there. Garlic is just such a nitrogen hog, anything growing by them sucks nitrogen away and the garlic won't be as big. I've had large beds of garlic 1500 of them, some were weeded and some got away from us. The size of the garlics were smaller in the unweeded bed, sorry to say.

We've been so busy we have no time to go through everything we're planting....now until June 1st, that being the safe date for some things to go in, in SE Wisconsin. We did put in something new as a perennial this year. Lavender which are rated to grow in our zone 4 here. 3 feet across, so we put in 4 of them. We're talking about putting in 4 more. I'll be harvesting them for the flowers--from what I read, twice a year. I'll be using them in cooking and for teas. I love having something new to try.

We are watching the lunar eclipse--beautiful night!
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