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Re-dehydrating bacon - how can I do that?

Iím LOVING what I can dry and preserve with my dehydrator, mostly fruits and vegetables. It means I can add out-of-season veges and fruit to stir fries and slow-cooker meals and add a lovely tasty dimension to the meal.
Recently, Iíve even started experimenting with drying fish and meat, and that works beautifully too!
BUT when I tried this with bacon, I think I didnít do enough research first Ė I simply dried the raw bacon without cooking/frying it first. It has dried beautifully but when I added it to what Iím cooking, I canít taste that lovely bacon flavour.
NOW Iíve discovered that youíre supposed to COOK it before you dry it!
SO, hereís my question/challenge Ö
How can I recover, and do some damage control on this dried bacon so I can enjoy the lovely flavour of the bacon when I add some to whatever Iím cooking?
Could I soak them in water first, pat dry, and then fry in oil? (And then dehydrate again?)

All suggestions, ideas and advice appreciated.

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What I would do is throw the original batch of dehydrated bacon away

Then I would cook some bacon and then dehydrate it

This is theoretical though
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I would use the dehydrated bacon to season things you boil for a long time. Dry beans, collard greens, etc... or, use it in canning green beans or stewed tomatoes. Any of those will rehydrate it and, give the smoky flavor time to be extracted.
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I would be concerned that any product with lots of fat, and bacon has that, would go rancid if dried and kept for any amount of time. I don't have sources to back me up, but flax (fatty) goes rancid very fast, nuts (fatty) that I keep, I keep in the freezer and even then, if kept too long they go rancid. Jerky is generally low in fat but it doesn't keep as long as grains or pasta (which are fat free).

As a practical issue, re-hydrate in water in the refrigerator, add back any smoke flavor with bought smoke flavoring, use it and if you were my kid, I'd say, don't do that again.
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