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This sounds tasty! Would be yummy if the chicken breast was wrapped around a pepperette too ;) hehe
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Mixed salad with greens, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, etc. in a Dijon vinaigrette, and baked potatoes with sour cream.
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I will have to try the chicken. I make a similar recipe using marinated rump roast slices that are pounded very thin. I call them "rollitinis". I lay spinach, then pepperoni, then cheese and last thinly slice fresh baby bella mushrooms. Roll them up and use tooth picks to secure.

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Originally Posted by Kayelle View Post
Thanks for the recipe, Frank. I'm a cooking gadget junkie , and I ordered some silicone cooking bands I can't wait to use (think heat proof rubber bands).....copied and pasted.
Ooohers! Silicone Cooking Bands......

Originally Posted by FrankZ View Post
I am thinking this could be done in so many different ways... mayhaps chicken rolls for a week or two.. every night.. something different.
Um......hmmm......hmmm.....it was good...but....

Originally Posted by LPBeier View Post
How about a chicken roll GCC challenge - this time you could enter and Kathleen could go "yum"!
Now you're talking!


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chicken breast, recipe, rolls

Chicken-Pepperoni Rolls [B][SIZE=3]Ingredients[/SIZE] Rolls:[/B] Boneless/skinless Chicken breasts (pounded right flat). 2 slices sandwich pepperoni per breast (unless the breasts are really small). I added extra pizza pepperonis cause I had them. 1 slice provolone per breast (add more, it's ok). Shredded mozzarella. [B]Sauce:[/B] Can crushed tomatoes. Little bit of white wine. Some diced pepperoni (whatever looks good, I used pizza pepperoni and stacked about 2 inches). Minced shallot. Italian seasoning to taste. Garlic powder to taste. Crushed red pepper to taste. [B] [SIZE=3]Method[/SIZE][/B] [B]Rolls:[/B] Pound chicken really flat. Put pepperoni and cheese on and roll up. I tucked the edges first then rolled. Tie with butchers twine or toothpick to close them Brown in a large pan. [B]Sauce:[/B] Sautee shallots and minced pepperoni for a couple of minutes. Pour in wine and tomatoes. Add spices and simmer. Put rolls in baking dish pour sauce over and cover with shredded mozzarella (don't be shy). Baked in 350F preheated oven 30-40 minutes. Serve with a side of spaghetti. One roll per person should be sufficient... make extras. 3 stars 1 reviews
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