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Flavor of flour

As Iíve delved into breadmaking as this yearís obsession, Iíve discovered that different brands of flour dramatically alter the taste and consistency of the finished bread. Iíve found this particularly true for whole wheat flour.

Iíve used three brands, the major three (I guess); Bobís Red Mill and King Arthur I found to be nutty, slightly sweet, and gave the bread a slightly rustic texture that was very pleasing, though each flour had a distinctly different flavor.

Gold Medal, on the other hand, made a bread that tasted like the bread I used to hate when I was kid. All I can say is that it tasted ďhealthy,Ē if you get my meaning. Unfortunately, it was the only whole wheat flour on the shelf when I last went shopping, so Iíve got a five pound bag that I need to find a use for.

Do you have a favorite brand of flour (particularly whole wheat) that I havenít mentioned? If itís really good, Iíll buy it on-line, on your recommendation!

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I don't have a favorite brand of flour but I do prefer bread and pizza made from dough that has spent a few days in the refrigerator to mature or ripen. I suppose it would be similar to dough made with a fermented sourdough starter.
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I use King Arthur AP and bread flours.

I don't make loaves of bread. Rather, I make bagels, english muffins, pizza crust, dinner rolls, etc.
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I only use King Arthur flours. I can get the usual types, all-purpose, whole wheat and bread, in the grocery store, but I order King Arthur specialty flours on line.
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I buy organic, stone ground, whole wheat bread and pastry flours. I usually get La Milanaise. It's a local Quebec company. I usually get it at the health food store, but once in a while I see at a supermarket.
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Old 12-13-2017, 04:36 PM   #6
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King Arthur fan.
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Old 12-13-2017, 05:06 PM   #7
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If I'm buying locally, I use King Arthur flours. However, when we're back home (OH) visiting our kids, we stay at our daughter's - only 10 or 15 miles from Amish country. I make sure I stock up on two flours: Bronze Chief whole wheat flour and Prairie Gold white whole wheat flour. The Prairie gold looks a lot like a regular unbleached white flour, and I sub it out for white flour up to 50% with no real noticeable difference in texture.

The first link takes you to the Walnut Creek Cheese website. They have two locations in Ohio Amish Country. One is all business, but the second is a long row of connected storefronts. Like Disney World, you can walk in on one end and travel all through the different shops until you get to the far shop. We skip the touristy stretch and head straight for the Bulk Food store. It's like a candy shop for cooks!
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I have hard white wheat and soft spring wheat and red hard winter wheat and a nutrimill to mill it. I add gluten for pizza crust, bagels and I like the flavor of the gluten and it helps with elasticity.

One of the benefits of storing whole wheat GRAINS over whole wheat flour, it lasts 10X as long without going rancid. That makes a difference in flavor.
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