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Old 01-20-2009, 10:48 AM   #1
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Weird smell/taste to my chocolate banana bread loaf

Twice I have made a Cooking Light recipe for marbled chocolate banana bread, and twice have had an awful funky smell, almost the smell of an onion thats going bad, on the outer crust of the bread (the inside is fine). especially on the bottom. The first time I made the bread, I made it in a little crappy aluminum pan that I had made meatloaf in 6 months prior, so I just figured that some of the flavor didn't get washed out even though I washed it again before I used it. Sometimes flavors can just stick around in pans. So the second time I used a brand new pyrex glass loaf pan and got the same onion-y smell and taste. what is up with that?? I figure it could be that my oven needs to be cleaned (although I baked a chocolate cake the same night and it did not have that smell or taste) or, maybe it could be the yogurt that was called for in the recipe. A friend of mine said that sometimes dairy can harbor flavors of what the cow eats... I don't know if that is true or not, but I did use the same container of yogurt for both loaves - started the container with the first and ended it with the second (it was within about 4 days of opening and I had eaten the yogurt in between the loaves so I know it wasn't spoiling).

Anyone ever had this happen to them? Any ideas on how to fix it? The inside of the bread is just delightful, chocolately-banana-y and soft and moist and when it bakes up the crust looks like its going to be just as good but is always funky.

Thanks in advance :)

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Sorry, I can't imagine what is going on unless you have stored your chocolate near onions or something else noxious. Chocolate can easily pick up off tastes of things that you store near it.
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Oh my gosh, I think you hit the nail on the head for both of us. I put some potatoes in my oven to bake and got the same oniony smell. Couldn't figure out why. Now I looked in my oven, really looked this time, and it needs a cleaning badly. I'm bettiing that's your problem too. Let's both clean our ovens today. Today is going to the 70's so I can keep my doors and windows open to clean it.
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I am betting it could use a cleaning too (but its only 20 here today so no doors or windows open for me!)... the chocolate is stored in a cabinet, onions in the fridge (not even sure if they belong there)

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I lost one of my dirty socks, is it possible that.....ummm....probably not, hey!
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chocolate banana bread, weird smells

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