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Bread crumb like that in pizza crust

I like how my pizza crust comes out and would like something similar in a larger bread. I've tried numerous times to make French bread, but the crumb turns out rather firm. I don't know whether I'm not kneading enough or baking the dough before the it rises to a proper level.

I end up with a moist sponge-like crumb and can't figure out where I continue to go wrong.

I have been using all-purpose flour, instant yeast and water. I'm trying to get a cotton-ball like crumb that has a rather flat crumb with no holes.

Will giving the dough a long, cool rise with little yeast help develop this type of crumb?

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When I worked at a local pizza joint (a LONG time ago) we get that effect by lightly covering our paddles with semolina before we dropped the dough on it. The semolina helped the dough release from the paddle and also gave the crust an extra crunch.
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i just talked to a wife of an italian and apparently one SHOULDN'T knead the dough too much or you'll end up with a really hard pie crust. just mix all the ingredients till you end up with sticky dough, let the dough ball rise for around 2 hours, sprinkle semolina over the dough, then roll (don't roll too much) till desired thickness and that's it. she also recommends using strong white bread flour instead of plain flour. i hope this helps...i can't guarantee it because i haven't tried her recommendation, but it appeals to me because i've stopped making pizza dough because the 10-min kneading i used to do before proofing it really hurts my wrists.
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i forgot to add this: place the dough in an oily bowl to rise, and that the crust is light in texture. in place of semolina, i used to use cornmeal or polenta and it works really well too.
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I now use a bread machine to knead my pizza dough. About 7 minutes and it's perfect.

What I was after with my first post was getting a LARGER bread with a crumb like that of pizza crust.

I have yet to perfect this bread baking thing. Still ending up with a crumb that is unsatisfying. After reading replies, I suspect that my doughs have been under-developed. I do wonder about my oven's temperature. I have no way of gauging it, so I just hope it's accurate.
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