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Crab Fail

Had leftover crab from our anniversary dinner, but not enough for two servings. After diggking out every shred of crab meat from teh remaining legs, knees, and nuckles, I had enough to make crab cakes, crab bisque, or a thermidor using crab instead of lobster. Unfortunately, DW likes none of the above. She does however, love crab rangoons. I looked in the fridge and found egg roll wraps, instead of wonton wrappers. So I decided to make crab egg rolls, using the crab rangoon recipe I know and love, but with tne addidtion of garlic and onion powders, a bit of Chines 5 sspice, and water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. I mixed everything together, rolled the egg rolls, and fried them up. They were edible, but that's all. My rangoons are delectable. My egg rolls are wondeerful. This experiment was not very good. It wasn't terrible, but defineitely not worth the effor fo extracting the crab meat,
and using it. Hind site site tells me that I have the ingrideints for a good salad. The crab meat would have been great in a salad. Oh well, not all experiments work out. Crean cheese, sugar, crab meat, onion, and garlic just don't work well together. Lesson learned. Until next time, friends,

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That's a bummer Chief. Maybe leave the bamboo and water chestnuts out? Think you should have stuck w just the Rangoon recipe and had overly cheesy crab rolls.

I got hungry for king crab last week Sunday. Went the grocery store to get some. Usually they have fresh frozen in bulk, sometimes just fresh. Just me eating so I figured I'd get one huge leg and be good.

All they had was a 2 pound bag. Even after eating it three times I still have a good amount left.

I thought about all that crab when I bought it and what I could make. Right away, stuffed Halibut came to mind. I've made it before but it's been a long time. Doesn't use much crab.

Nice halibut fillet cut across middle.
Stuffed w a mixture of crab meat, couple shrimp and brie.
Bake off.
Top with a beurre blanc sauce.

It just melts in your mouth. So yummy.

I can do that and still have enough to do a crab bisque. I think I'm gonna need some crab base for that though. What do all think. Could I rinse the crab legs off and cook them right in the cream and have enough crab flavor? Or I could wrap them in foil and seal, steam them essentially and use the leftover juice, be enough crab flavor?
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