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Have you ever had Geoduck?

on our way out of a korean market tonight, i noticed they are having a sale on fresh geoduck this weekend. $15.99 per pound, available this saturday and sunday only.

i've been wanting to try this for long time, but at that price i don't want to screw it up.

i was thinking of slicing and either simply steaming it and serving with lemon and a little hot clam broth, or sauteing in butter and lemon. crusty italian bread on the side.

either way, i'd cook it for just for a minute or so until just cooked through but not rubbery. a lot like you would cook squid.

have anyone had geoduck before? how was it prepared and served?


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Emeralds are real Gems! C. caninus and C. batesii.
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I've eaten it, but have never prepared it. I found a link that explains how to do it. Maybe it will help.

Prepare Geoduck | Geoduck Recipes
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I am pretty sure I have never tasted geo duck, well ok, not in the truest sense. I have had wild mallard and domestic duck. Regretaby, the first time I was serve duck in a restaurant, it was rare. I thought Fowl was cook well done, even with a sauce. Gravy. Onionz. On a good day, mushrooms and a wine or orange sauce. Ok, my mom never did mushrooms or orange sauce and certainly no wine ever met the pan. Well done over-cooked and plenty of gravy. A few lead shot pellets courtesy of dadís shot gun and itís like new years, if you find a prize itís for good luck. Same as fish bones, spit Ďem out, donít complain or a chicken gizzard, the craw was not always too well cleaned. Stuffing I guess.

Wekk. I think GeoDuck looks like a big uncircumcised penis. Yum. And sold by the Pound. Double Yum. I should be so lucky. I guess, I suppose, I think, I am pretty sure I donít want to slice and dice anything that looks this familiar. I just did a quik google to see what you are talking about. Because I have heard the term previous. I donít think we have these local, mebbe at the fresh fish market, and if so, mebbe I didnít look/ see since I only go there once/ twice / yr and then it is for shrimp or lobster. Not like a night out.

Quite like lingering in the fresh produce section at the market at 10 oclock. on a Saturday night. Do people even do this anymore. I was neffer successful; what is the comparative difference between a cabbage and fresh brussel sprouts, or , am I a prevert for looking and skweezing young and crisp romaines. Or feeling how hefty the weight of juicy ripe red tomatoes. My Bro in law claims success in the melons vs papaya dilemma. Heck, I am happy if I find a ripe pineapple. He is 74 and dyes his eyebrows to match his hair piece. I am not so sure. If this is what you do after you donít go to bars any more and then chalk talk, then more power. I have never met any of his so called GFís. I hope I have as many quandaries as I grow older. I donít often linger and I have no dilemmas.


I use to read Rex Stout/ Nero Wolfe mysteries. Besides stuffing my brains with danged orchids I fail to pronounce, he had an uncanny way of weaving delicately poached shad roe for luch inside his stories. I chew slowly but have yet to solve any of lifeís mysteries. I never tasted shad roe, or even the fish. It doesnít make it this far in-land. I think shad roe is seasonal, the books are whenever. Soft shell crabs are available year round, I suspect they are fresh frozen. Never had one of these either on a toasty roll. We is lucky to get qWalleye and be happy if it is something other than Pollock despite what is menu listed. I ainít quibbling over Pollock or even a good fish sammie. I like fish too. It just needs to taste good.

So here I am today looking at geo-ducks. We have Korea Town. Not much. There is a womenís hair stylist In big letters it advertises , ď Korean Spoke HereĒ ; A clothes alteration shop, which I have used, pants hemmed, A former Presbyterian church , Sunday Korea language listed, do they practice religion one day / week like other Christians , I suppose they have Christians like anyone in US, it must be a bigger community than I know, 2 service times listed. Weekends are made for many religious times. I like a leisurely breakfast and some quiet music. I could do this any day. We do what we do. As far as own Religion and (religious) practice. My ngbrhd Presbys holds alternate Saturday nite and Sunday services -- they share the minister between churches. after 20 + years I don't know what this church is, mebbe methodist, they hold a church supper once/ twice year that I hav gone to. Mebbe 3 or a half dozen Korean restaurants in the city along a strip, , one owned by what I ONCE THOUGHT was a Japanese resto, now Lists itself as Korean, the owner, is the same. As Ď bount the same # as Ecuadorian resto's scattered around the city, restaurants, except they make themselves more known in the community and have a Natíl day with a Parade and block the streets and have Food and banners and such. Fiesta. My bro in law makes better kim chee than is found at the Asian market. And a local food co-op makes better kim chee than he. What Can I say.

So here I am today. Looking at Geo Ducks. Imagine my surprise. They is not Ducks at all. ďIf It werenít for my horseĒ. Even being a single guy, I feel hood winked. Really. Not really. Just dig it. Sautť in butter. With bacon back up. I can not quite wrap myself around slaying the dragon for a little dinner.
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