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Help with honey-glazed salmon!

I've been eyeing this recipe for honey glazed salmon.. it's for my family including my 2 year old.

salmon filets
olive oil
1/4c honey
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tbsp chili powder

but I am wondering, is chili powder spicy??

how can I make a salmon filet with honey that is not spicy but still tastes yummy???

I need help with this please! if anyone can help me with it I would greatly appreciate it!

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It's not going to be overly spicy as is....but the chili and honey will provide balance to the other. You could omit the chili for the salmon you make for the 2 year old, or cut the amount in half for all the recipe. I've had 2 year olds...while they might eat salmon, they won't eat lots of it. You won't need more than 2 ounces for a 2 year old child.
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As said above...

There is no "techo" reason to have either the chilli or garlic...They are only there for flavour...

However, if you are referring to American chili powder as apposed to chilli powder (which would be powdered chilli), then you could use cumin powder. Using cumin would give that "chili" aroma without the chili spice.

I am probably not allowed to do this ...But why not make fish cakes for the toddler? I have a basic recipe on my site. Just use salmon instead of a prawn/fish mix. It will work the same! Then use the honey as a dipping sauce, but add a little vinegar to the honey. That will make it like a sweet and sour which kids from 2 to 102 looove! Or you could mix the honey with some pineapple juice for a similar but fruitier affect....All kids from 2 to 102 just looove dipping sauce!

Oh...PS, for the toddler, you might want to use just cumin powder or maybe tahini paste instead of the curry paste...but try it first because it really is not spicy hot like you would think.

I hope that is of help
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thanks you guys!! I will definitely try both!!
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