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If You Never Try, You Never Know

One of the comfort foods from my childhood was salmon patties. My Dad made them evry now and again. I loved them with the crunch of the bones from the canned salmon, and the crispy outer layer, all covered by a little ketchup.

As my kidneys spill protien, I am supposed to eat a high proteins diet. So for lunch, I thought salmon patties would be perfect. They have the fish proteins, couple with the egg. But alas, we had no canned salmon. We did, however, have canned albacore tuna, water packed. I opened a can and was surprised at how chunky it was. I added 6crumblef saltines, a little yellow mustard, ground black pepper, chopped onion, and a splash o lemon juice. I broke up the tuna chunks so that I had a homogenous blend (still a bit chunky) of ingredients. I formed the patties, and placed in my cast iron pan, coated with 2 tbs. cooking oil. They were fried to perfection, and held their shape perfectly. I was really looking forward to eating them.

I have to say, I was disappointed by both the texture and flavor. The only textural problem was the missing crunch of the bones from canned salmon. They we ok tasting, not bad, but just kind of meh in the flavor department. The tuna flavor was too diluted by the cracker, and egg addition. Tuna doesn't have the rich flavor of salmon. but now I know,

I still enjoy tuna salad and tuna casseroles, and other tuna recipes, just not for fried patties. i have had other fish patties in my youth that wee very tasty. I found a can of cod once at my Grandparent's hoe. It made wonderful fired patties. It was the only canned cod i have ever seen.

The point of all of this is that if you want the flavor of salmon patties, only salmon will do. If you want crab cakes, then use real crab meat. Your brain will be disappointed if you don't give it the expected flavor.

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North

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I wonder if a bit of fish sauce would improve the flavor. You could also add some finely minced celery for crunch.
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I did the same thing once, made tuna patties. Did not enjoy. I love salmon patties with pea sauce. One of my favorite meals.

Like you said, tuna is great in some things. But fried patties is not one of them.
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Chief. Salmon patties are very popular in the south. Canned pink salmon being what most use.
My wifes picks out most every single bone before adding the other ingredients. This is one meal she can cook well and knows well.
Along with fried potatoes and usually some sort of bean cooked with pork (they use fatback here. I use meaty salt pork) and biscuits its a darn good very easy dinner.

I like hot sauce on my salmon patties. Franks hot sauce. I put that **** on everything!
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Friday night was bowling night for my father, so in the fall, winter, and spring, he picked up a fish fry on his way home from work, and we ate supper without him. My mother's goto's, being the good little catholic that she was, were grilled cheese and tomato soup, tuna salad sandwiches and chips, or tuna patties. She asked me once, "Do you remember I used to make tuna patties on Friday nights?" I told her, "Of course I remember. It was one of the reasons I moved away." God, I hated those fishy little hockey pucks!

Out of nostalgia, I made some while I was taking are of my father. I STILL HATE THEM!!!
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