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Surimi-specific recipes?

Iíve always eschewed surimi, aka imitation crab, aka krab. I love crab so much that it just seemed like an abomination (ironically, for those follow kosher, itís real crab thatís the abomination. But today while I was on my shopping job, I passed by a tasting station that was offering sushi rolls undoubtedly made with surimi. ďWhat the hell?Ē I thought, and tried one. It didnít taste like crab, really, although it was a bit seafood-ish. It was really good!

So, my question is, are there any recipes out there that are specifically designed for surimi? Recipes that donít use it as a substitute for crab, but as an ingredient in and of itself, in a dish that actually tastes better with surimi than it does with crab?
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